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    Bath Group rough-in

    Thank you cacher_chick. I wish I could decide what fitting to use on the vertical stack but it's cast iron including the santee and it is quite inaccessible. I looked up that side inlet fitting and that *would* be perfect though. I think at this point I can reduce the blue pipe indicated to...
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    Bath Group rough-in

    Does that latest layout look like it will work? The more I think about it the more I think the shower vent might have to move to either the shower trap arm or just upstream of the wye connection to the horizontal drain line. I think I have a few inches of wet vent there that would technically...
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    Bath Group rough-in

    Version 2. I think this will work and I might even be able to safely reduce the venting and drain to 1.5" upstream of the shower drain connection and vent. The only thing I'm concerned about is the spacing from the stack to the closet flange. I hope I have room for these fittings to...
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    Bath Group rough-in

    Thank you everyone for the input. HJ, this is under 2x10 floor joists so I have some leeway. The joists run parallel to the run from the closet flange to the shower wye.
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    Bath Group rough-in

    Added another pic with some dimensions. This is quite a large bathroom. Ontario, Canada for code requirements. Another note, I'll use a 3-3-2 santee for the vent connection. Didn't have one handy in Sketchup. Yes, no, maybe (with this added)?? Thanks!
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    Bath Group rough-in

    Does this look correct? As I understand it I can wet vent a single bath group through a 2". If it makes any difference (or if it's a good idea) I can very easily continue the 3" back to where the shower wye connects in.
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    Shower drain fitting has pulled away from pipe - no access to plumbing

    This is in a cottage and there is no way to get to the plumbing underneath the shower. I can see it but I can't get to it (insanely tight crawlspace) It's a problem. My guess is that is has been leaking since it was installed or maybe since the floor framing was braced and leveled. The...
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    Is this a can of worms?

    Thanks guys. I'm leaning more towards DonL's pic (haha) but after some digging I guess this is a common tap offset for clawfoot tubs. I found this and ordered it.
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    Is this a can of worms?

    I've got a house remodel in the works that involves a spruce-up of two bathrooms and a kitchen. Involved are three faucet replacements. Two are straightforward. The bathtub has a faucet unlike anything I've encountered before. The house is 100 years old but I imagine this bathroom is 40-60...
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    Basement rough in - does this look OK?

    Jerome - thank you very much - the inspector agrees! Good to go. He mentioned something about 5' being good. I imagine it's that the shower drain/wet vent connects to the 3" horizontal run within 5' of the toilet flange. Edit - from planning to completion!
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    Basement rough in - does this look OK?

    Interesting Thanks very much for the input. I guess I'll have to run it by the inspector. I'm located in Ontario and I'm not sure what our code is. I guess it's close enough to not get laughed or yelled at! That 4x3 fitting is cool - I've never seen one of those before. I can see how...
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    Basement rough in - does this look OK?

    I'm hoping to keep this simple and I think the drawing has all the info. The 2" shower vent will continue out the roof and the 1-1/2" vents from the lav and laundry will tie together 5' up, and pick up the 2" above the ceiling. I couldn't find a long turn 90 for the closet bend fitting in the...
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    hopfully someone can help me with this question....

    Try dialing 811 That should put you in touch with the right agency locally. They will come out and mark for free I think.
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    Pedestal sink installation problem

    Yep, good stuff. And stinky. Good (real) silicone is smelly when wet.
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    Insulating pipes

    I have the exact same setup in my detached garage. I couldn't find a thermostat to hold the temp as low as I wanted (I keep it around 40). My easy solution was to mount a simple mercury thermostat to the wall with one screw and tilt it to get my desired temp. Once I "calibrated" it with the...
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    The server was rebooted

    For whatever reason my my "Go to first new post" links are now working perfectly. Firefox 3.5.7 I never did try it with Explorer. I didn't proactively change anything on my side.
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    How high

    Ran into a really hot goalie. Wasn't an elimination game but it makes our path tougher.
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    Plumbing in Japan is bizzare, if not interesting!

    Very interesting. Post more if you have em!
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    Any tricks for dealing with misaligned sink drains?

    What is the distance from the top of the sink tailpiece to the ABS when you mock it up? Is it possible that you have enough room to create a small jog with two 45deg fittings? Or two 22.5s ??
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    Washing machine P-trap question, under floor?

    It sounds like you're willing to convince yourself that it's OK to put it under the floor so go ahead and do it. It will probably be fine. In a perfect world, you can easily access the P-Trap and cleanout at the fixture location for (I'm sure) a variety of reasons.
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