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    Plumbing a pressure tank tee

    Thanks! Not sure what you mean "dont spiral up the pipe." Overlap about half, right? I used 2-3 wraps for 1" pipe. Will try 4.
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    Plumbing a pressure tank tee

    I have something called megaloc. Is that same as pipe dope / pipe compound? Its described as a thread sealer. From what I can tell, its not permanent. But it wouldnt even matter much if it was, since its mainly the coupling and nipple...
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    Plumbing a pressure tank tee

    Good morning, I recently replaced my waterlogged 14 gallon pressure tank and when I did, I upgraded to a 21 gallon one. Burcam. Problem is, my old tank tee doesnt fit the new tank because its not long enough (8" I think) to reach beyond the pressure tanks side and the switch was butted up...
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    1/2 gallon drawdown on 14 gallon tank

    I have a WellX-Troll 201 14 gallon pressure tank. I don't know the GPM of the well, but its 1/2 HP in a drilled well. All this was in the house when we bought it. The short version of my question is how to I get more drawdown from this tank as right now its only getting 1/2 gallon? The pump...
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