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  1. John Gayewski

    Shower/tub combo broken tub spout copper stub out

    A tub spout with a sharkbite won't really be very good as it will spin. I don't think the examples you showed is what's on your wall. I can clearly see a reducer with a soldered joint in your closeup picture. The examples you showed are one piece and aren't soldered.
  2. John Gayewski

    Shower/tub combo broken tub spout copper stub out

    That loos like a reducer with a piece of 1/2" copper sweat into it. I think i would try to Un sweat it, but it could be very tricky. You might want to call a plumber for this one. There's a chance you'll have to open the wall. It's worth looking deeper to see if it can be Un threaded.
  3. John Gayewski

    Navien NPE-240S2 pressure relief valve

    Yes air provides cushion. Like I said if your broke something it would leak. Water hammer happens all of the time and while it's not good and can cause issues, most of the time it doesn't break anything. Bigger pipes causes more of an issue that smaller pipes.
  4. John Gayewski

    Navien NPE-240S2 pressure relief valve

    Your fine. That clunck was water hammer. If it did damage it would, in all likley hood, be evident immediately.
  5. John Gayewski

    Hand-wash sink drain indirectly?

    I did a small job for someone. The inspector failed the job based on a Hand-wash sink in a commercial kitchen. The sink drains into a trench drain that's about ten feet away. He says that's not allowed and that it needs to be trapped and vented and drain into the drainage system and can't drain...
  6. John Gayewski

    4" cast iron hub to large (3") PVC

    No you can drill out the lead around the hub/reducer. Then once the hub is cleaned there are donuts available to buy based on the size of the cast iron you have and the size of pvc you want to put into it. It looks like you have 4" extra heavy cast iron, so you'd need to go from 4" xh to...
  7. John Gayewski

    Washing Machine P Trap

    You can put everything in the wall. The aav needs to be in a vented box. You don't need access to the trap. You'll have access to the drain through the aav opening (vented box) and the trap itself can be cleaned via the standpipe.
  8. John Gayewski

    Replacing an old gas pipe

    Yeah you can't just replace what you have pictured. There is nothing good enough to hook onto. Maybe better off abandoning it and finding a new route from the meter. Use yellow hdpe underground and iron pipe above.
  9. John Gayewski

    Help getting tub drain out

    Tub drains can be very tough. There are some drain extractors sold at lowes and Menards that are different than the normal dumbell. Usually the dumbell world for installation but rarely for extraction. I have used expandable extractors and extractors that look like a normal bolt extractor. I've...
  10. John Gayewski

    Leak under kitchen sink

    Looks to be time for a new kitchen sink drain.
  11. John Gayewski

    How much is concrete in your area?

    5 years ago it went from $95 or $100 to $120. As long as I can remember it was under a hundred. If it jumped it was a few dollars. Since I quit paying attention to the price in the last five years it has exploded.
  12. John Gayewski

    Can Branch Vents Span Multiple Floors in Wisconsin?

    3" in pvc is as large as they go. There's almost no reason to have 4"drain fittings in a house.
  13. John Gayewski

    flange 3/8" below floor, easily accessible, replace or double wax

    If your floor wasn't done is say redo it, but since it's done and you would have to fill the void if you raised I'd say go with two wax rings. When that pvc flange breaks then replace it with a stainless one one at the correct height. By the way who would put the horned wax ring on top of a...
  14. John Gayewski

    Can we do gutters and downspouts in this forum?

    I was thinking something similar. A distribution system for the backyard with snaking drain tile or a large drain tile manifold. Dumping all of that rain might have an effect on your billing for runoff. Not sure how your system is operated locally but, some places a percentage of your roof and...
  15. John Gayewski

    Can Branch Vents Span Multiple Floors in Wisconsin?

    Try a double fixture fitting. It's more directional than a double tee but also allows for the movement of air freely.
  16. John Gayewski

    How much is concrete in your area?

    In my area concrete is $167.50 per yard and going up another $6 July 1st. What does a yard (cubic yard) of oncrete cost in your area?
  17. John Gayewski

    How to attach new white stone tile to outdoor entrance monument? Charlotte NC freezes 20 day/year.

    I'll say (even though this post is really old) np1 is a masonry product and a lot of masons use it in place of mortar for some things. I would try that with some clamps.
  18. John Gayewski

    Move sink drain into exterior wall?

    You need to snake the entire run.
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