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  1. Paulypfunk

    1/2" MIP? Does this exist?

    Dahl brand is wonderful but not always readily available to the public, they cater their sales mostly to the plumbing trade. Brasscraft makes a decent valve that are sold at many hardware stores. Whichever you buy I’d recommend a 1/4 turn ball style valve vs the washer style you displayed in...
  2. Paulypfunk

    Gas WH in garage closet

    My side of the world requires a bollard to protect from damage if a car hits it.
  3. Paulypfunk

    Symmons spindle replacement problem

    Small differences are often a bad sign. I couldn’t tell from your photos, maybe post a full shot showing their overall length next to each other? If the stem lengths are different but the bits are exactly the same, maybe you can steal parts of the new one to rebuild the old one?
  4. Paulypfunk

    Boiler Pump

    Possibly an intermittent short in your wiring somewhere. Do you have high voltage and low voltage wiring run in the same conduit? You might be getting ghost signaling.
  5. Paulypfunk

    11.5" rough in , which 12" rough in toilets can I use?

    I stand corrected. Mental lapse.
  6. Paulypfunk

    Permit denied because of basement ceiling height and now requiring a smoke exhaust system

    You can appeal a failed inspection. The green screw thing would be a good example. I’ve had to do it a couple of times and have prevailed both times, but one should be careful. You better have a solid argument and be respectful in your disagreement. They can make your life difficult.
  7. Paulypfunk

    3" Sewer Pipe on the Inside of theToilet Flange

    The outlet hole on the bottom of your toilet is even smaller than that. If it can make it through the toilet, it will make it through this flange just fine.
  8. Paulypfunk

    Permit denied because of basement ceiling height and now requiring a smoke exhaust system

    I’ve seen that in commercial buildings. This sounds like more of an HVAC situation rather than a plumbing problem. Unfortunately your local building inspectors can make rules that differ from city to city. That’s the way things go.
  9. Paulypfunk

    Gerber Overflow not draining fast enough

    That sounds pretty typical to me. I’d say most tub overflows will help with minor overfilling, but can’t keep up with a full flow of water from a tub spout.
  10. Paulypfunk

    Vent reduction allowed?

    No. In the UPC code minimum size venting for a toilet is 2”. You may consider using a Studor vent or AAV to supplement for the natural venting shortfall.
  11. Paulypfunk

    11.5" rough in , which 12" rough in toilets can I use?

    Don’t put your heat cable too close to the toilet flange, and I’d recommend using a neoprene or other non bees wax toilet ring. Your floor heat system can melt the sealing wax and cause the toilet to leak underneath. A 12” rough in is the measurement from the center of the outlet pipe to the...
  12. Paulypfunk

    Bath Drain Remodel

    It doesn’t have to be a santee, although that is the most commonly used fitting. You could change that to a wye fitting on its back as long as the drain goes straight through the fitting and the vent attaches to to side of the wye. The barrel of the vent must be rolled up enough so the vent...
  13. Paulypfunk

    (Not a) Gas Line Union Leak

    You could hire a professional leak detection service to help find it. They have super sensitive sniffer equipment. For underground leaks they can charge the piping with helium that will rise up out to the ground, find it with a helium sniffer. Your paving will likely still be a problem...
  14. Paulypfunk

    Coverting single zone from monoflow to two pipe

    With monoflow tees you would sometimes have the problem of the first heaters on the piping run being hot, and the subsequent heaters getting cooler and cooler, so sizing of the trunk is important to insure you have enough BTUs to go around. On the other hand, I like the simplicity of a...
  15. Paulypfunk

    Bath Drain Remodel

    Don’t worry about the clean out on the p trap. That is such a inaccessible location that one one would ever use it. -Yes, you do need a vent. -According to Hoyle, UPC wants bathtub drains to be 2” in diameter. I understand that might be a difficult undertaking. - You should connect that...
  16. Paulypfunk

    (Not a) Gas Line Union Leak

    811 doesn’t usually locate privately installed gas lines. If that is a run from a house to an outbuilding you many have to hire a private locating service.
  17. Paulypfunk

    Check valve on Backflow assembly

    I commonly see them installed next to an rpz as a secondary check.
  18. Paulypfunk

    Check valve on Backflow assembly

    I’m having a debate with some friends about the best place to put a check valve in conjunction with a RPBA. I always thought it best to put it downstream of the device to prevent nuisance discharge, a colleague said it’s better to put the check valve upstream to absorb any pressure fluctuations...
  19. Paulypfunk

    Texas plumbing questions. How to repair plumbing leaks

    If you get two sections of frozen pipe that converge the pressure can be over 10,000 psi. PVC isn’t as good of a conductor of heat but if it does get cold enough to freeze it’s not going to matter, it will still split. Uponor type PEX, the stretchy kind works pretty well when frozen. It has...
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