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  1. Tuttles Revenge

    New Cabin Build Plumbing Plan Aframe House

    Where is your septic in relation to the building? Waste and venting is the hard part. Water supply is super easy, but depending on location may want to be able to freeze proof everything.
  2. Tuttles Revenge

    What did you do today?

    Sounds like you're making good progress! That first shower will be very satisfying!
  3. Tuttles Revenge

    Vertical drop in horizontal branch

    True. So the downstream fixture should be a drainage fitting.
  4. Tuttles Revenge

    Wax on? Wax off?

    If I don't have a jumbo wax, I use a knife to cut one horizontally in half then set the first regular wax on the flange, then add the second half ring on top carefully forming them together. I never use wax with horn anymore, they serve no purpose for sealing a toilet.
  5. Tuttles Revenge

    Vertical drop in horizontal branch

    However, the fitting on the left that is out of view was described as a San Tee. The San Tee can only be used as a drainage fitting if the brand is the vertical and the trunk is vertical. It can not be used as a drainage fitting if it is horizontal throughout or vertical to horizontal.
  6. Tuttles Revenge

    New twist in the quest for a toilet!

    Its very hard to quantify the actual installed specs for any toilet... Butt.. I have found that Toto toilets run a bit further from the wall than other brands. And most of my Toto installs are the Drake so thats the one I see with the extra gap the most often.
  7. Tuttles Revenge

    Plumbing run through kitchen bulkhead

    The least intrusive route would be to cut the pipes shorter and run everthing as tight to the joists as possible. Another route might be to drop everything down to the vertical exterior wall and connect them to the drain in a crawl space if present. Very likely you won't have the ability to get...
  8. Tuttles Revenge

    Raising Drain Pipe

    Cut in a new san tee into the vertical. Remove a section of the stud on the partition wall to access the hidden spot. Install new pipe at desired height. Repair stud as needed.
  9. Tuttles Revenge

    Water Pressure for Customer

    I actually randomly ran across the owner of the general contractor yesterday while walking my dog and she said she would ask the customer for some more detailed details of their usage. However the 12gpm he blurted out will likely be true, he seemed like he's spent a bit of time thinking about...
  10. Tuttles Revenge

    Water Pressure for Customer

    I think they already had a pump and a pressure tank that had failed. They have a huge mess of 2" pvc piping all throughout their basement area. I'll look into the CSV and pump to see which makes sense for them. They said their irrigation uses 12gpm... but people always say stuff then remember...
  11. Tuttles Revenge

    Water Pressure for Customer

    I'm looking for help with a customer that I'm providing a remodel bid through a general contractor. Separately but while we were looking over their primary bathroom project the subject of water pressure came up. My gauge indicated that they have between 20-50psi that comes from a private water...
  12. Tuttles Revenge

    Low water pressure

    OK. So what is likely happening is that a section of pipe or fixtures in an area are clogged with debris. This causes low water volume and the perception that the water pressure is low in an area. Are there still old galvanized / metal pipe in those areas? Like in the wall where they are less...
  13. Tuttles Revenge

    Installing Dishwasher where non existed before, no disposal, air gap question

    Most modern dishwashers have built in air gaps. The water enters the side of the dishwasher above the flood level of the dishwasher. The airgap is designed to prevent any water that is sitting in the basin of the dishwasher from being siphoned back into your drinking water.
  14. Tuttles Revenge

    Tub filler/Moen Voss

    Here is the 2 versions that I designed for that project. We had a concrete beam that we couldn't penetrate vertically with a floor mounted filler and a plastered brick exterior wall we couldn't install a wall mounted faucet. The tub wasn't fitted to allow for a deck mounted filler so I...
  15. Tuttles Revenge

    Wet venting through a stack under UPC

    Looks good until you're exceeding 6ft in total developed length of your wet vent. UPC toilet vents also need to be 2" throughout. I think if your 2" vent continued vertically past the point where the sinks tie in you're good. The vertical wet vent would end at that point.
  16. Tuttles Revenge

    Low water pressure

    It looks like the diameter of your water main is reduced right at the meter! Water volume and conversely water pressure is affected by the diameter of the piping throughout your plumbing system from the meter to each outlet. Water piping should be "Sized" to match the total load of the house...
  17. Tuttles Revenge

    Toto C100 Connect+ Washlet sprays down but not up

    These parts are not available to the public. It takes a trained technician to diagnose and replace the parts supplied directly from Toto.
  18. Tuttles Revenge

    Washing Machine Shutoff question

    I believe Sioux Chief manufactures in the US still.
  19. Tuttles Revenge

    3 fixture bathroom sanitary vent layout

    Would be interesting to see. Its something we never do actually see happen.
  20. Tuttles Revenge

    Toilet Flange

    Since the tile hasn't been grouted yet, there is a lot of risk that vibration will loosen up tiles. I prefer an angle grinder to cut stuff like that. Might even be worth having your tile installer do it before they grout so that if a tile pops they can re-adhere it. The toilet also has a...
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