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  1. Phil H2

    How to drill 2.25" hole in cinder block wall?

    Tiger Diver, Just a heads up. If you plan on using 2" PVC pipe for a sleeve, it won't fit through a 2-1/4" hole. The outside diameter is 2-3/8"
  2. Phil H2

    Intermatic WH Timer Problem

    Have you checked the voltage at the clock terminals? If you have a 120 V clock, the neutral wire may have problems before it gets to the timer.
  3. Phil H2

    Installing joist header

    Look at UBC 2320.8.4, IRC R502.10, or IBC 2308.8.3. All have similar language. The IRC seems the most conservative by specifically saying a single header. See R502.10 on this link
  4. Phil H2

    3" ABS flexible?

    If it is ABS drain pipe, it probably has a foam core. I never tried bending it. But, I suspect that the foam core could cause problems when bending.
  5. Phil H2

    What's the best way to "start up" a newly pumped septic tank?

    I agree with Bob. Here are some more sources for information on additives.
  6. Phil H2

    nipple material

    I would go to a real plumbing supply and get red brass nipples.
  7. Phil H2

    PEX and CPVC

    It looks like California is considering a more widespread use of PEX. Here is link to a notice that says they are going to prepare an Eniviromental Impact Report for the use of PEX. The letter from San Diego is a little old and...
  8. Phil H2

    Reason for using primer on PVC joints

    Lee, Some time when you are in an experimenting mood try this. Put a dab of primer on some PVC and a dab of acetone on a differnt spot. Wait a little bit but before the primer drys, scrape both pieces and see which is softer.
  9. Phil H2

    Hack Plumber? ... Oops -NO a licensed plumber!

    I never said that I liked the pipe attached to the subfloor. I would never do it because I have seen too many subfloors that have had another layer addded with long nails. I wished I was wearing a hardhat everytime I have climbed into an attic or crawl space that looked like a porcupine on a...
  10. Phil H2

    Hack Plumber? ... Oops -NO a licensed plumber!

    Construct30 The codes (both UPC & IPC) are concerned with pipe passing through framing members. Subflooring is not a framing memeber. The orignial picture doesn't show the pipe passing through the joists. What do you do with drains and vents inside walls? Run a steel plate from floor to...
  11. Phil H2

    Water Meter Sizing - avoiding $5K expense?

    The logic doesn't work. The relationship between flowrate and pressure loss is not linear. I do not know what process is used to develop the tables in the code. Two common ways of estimating pressure loss in pipes are the Hazen-Williams equation and the Darcy-Weisbach equation. You will find...
  12. Phil H2

    Moving a Lolly/Lally Column

    leejosepho, I don't understand how you can make any of those assumptions. The current edition of the Steel Construction Manual doesn't list a W8x8.5 the lightest W8 is 10 lbs and it is only 4 inches wide. There are several W shapes that are close to the stated dimensions, and the lightest of...
  13. Phil H2

    J-box location

    Most building codes require a steel strap over notches in top plates. So you could not install the box and still have it accessible with the strap. Here is a link to a strap that commonly covers these notches .
  14. Phil H2

    NRTL requirements for user devices ???

    Why don't you call the manufactures of the equipment? They should be able to steer you in the right direction. By the way, it is Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories. UL, FM, CSA, and NSF are a couple of the NRTLs.
  15. Phil H2

    Natural Gas Odor, Bad Valve on Empire?

    Start at the gas cock where the gas pipe comes out of the floor. Work your way toward the heater. Those old valves are prone to leaking.
  16. Phil H2

    Tub ought to be in the Smithsonian

    Perrycat, This link may interest you.
  17. Phil H2

    globe valve. not gate, not ball.

    With globe valves, the open area in the valve is proportional to the number of turns the valve is opened. Each turn of the valve increases the valve opening the same amount. Knowing the open area is important in some engineered process systems. Gate valves are not designed to be throttled...
  18. Phil H2

    close call for family

    Inquirying minds have to know. Why would some knucklehead mess around with the ignitor on a new stove? They must be really lucky if electricity burned through a gas line without it igniting. Around here, you can't beat The Gas Company's (So Cal Gas) price for connecting a new range. They...
  19. Phil H2

    Walls made of nothing!

    Bassman, It sounds like you have a good repoir with the city. They should be able to give you good information on blocking and nailing the plywood. Here is a link to some information you might find helpful But it may be a little dated...
  20. Phil H2

    Drain lines THROUGH joists?

    1-1/2" ABS and PVC pipe has a 1.9" outside diameter. Even with a 2" hole, he won't have much wiggle room. I'd think about 2-1/8" holes.
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