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  1. Kamil

    Wet venting a toilet with vanity

    Hello everybody I have a question regarding a wet venting a toilet with a vanity drain. I would like to know which option is better in the attached sketch option a or option b for going vertical to horizontal. I can not put a long sweep 90 as I have a structural timber in the way. Would...
  2. Kamil

    Unions on boiler system

    Hello everybody, I am repiping old heating system into loops with the boiler remaining the same at this time but it will be changed in the future. I want to use unions to facilitate future boiler replacement. Is there any problem using unions on boiler system. I was wandering if they cause...
  3. Kamil

    Securing hePEX

    Thank you for the answers I will look more into those. Just to clarify I am running hePEX from the manifold at the boiler to cast iron radiators throughout the house.
  4. Kamil

    Securing hePEX

    Hello, I would like to know what people use to secure uponor hePEX when used for heating. I am running multiple lines and want to secure them to the basement ceiling. I saw plastic clamps available but they are rated at 150 degrees whereas the water from the boiler peaks at 200f. Would those...
  5. Kamil

    Basement sewer smell after showering.

    Maybe you have your shower vent connection before p-trap like this guy did: .
  6. Kamil

    Toilet Venting

    Thank you for all the feedback!
  7. Kamil

    Plumbing Layout

    Hello and Happy New Year! I am looking at plumbing 4 bathrooms (2 back to back on two floors right on top of each other). Please see attached sketch and leave me any comments you might see regarding connections or anything that you might notice wrong in the diagram. Also do I need a vent stack...
  8. Kamil

    Toilet Venting

    Hello, I have a question regarding two toilets that are on the same horizontal drain pipe. The toilets are back to back in two separate bathrooms. As you can see on the picture toilet#2 is vented but I am not sure if toilet #1 needs a vent as well and if it does how would one do it while...
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