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  1. Flimboyz

    Help Needed from Any Scala2 or VFD Experts

    You only need to add a little Pressure tank at the outlets like the Flexcon FT8 and all your problems with the Scala2 will be solved. The integrated pressure tank is too small and the Scala2 begin to adjust their speed after 3-5 seconds. I had multiples pumps design in search of efficiency for...
  2. Flimboyz

    Most efficient pump 9 GPM, 3 ton heat pump

    Thank you Valveman, I know your point of view, I have already bought a CSV for my current setup, I have an 1 HP for both the house and the Geo. I want a new pump only for the Geo, and it should not use more than 300 Watts. If you can help me finding the right pump, I would really appreciate...
  3. Flimboyz

    Most efficient pump 9 GPM, 3 ton heat pump

    Thank you, Yes i'm actually looking for 1/3 HP, but not sure about the pump end. I found an old post from valveman promote the use of a modified pump end. But I'm also considering 1/2 HP 3 phase VFD controlled. With a VFD, I would not use Dole valves, I would program speed by input.
  4. Flimboyz

    Most efficient pump 9 GPM, 3 ton heat pump

    Hello, i would like to know what is the most efficient well pump setup for my geothermal heat pump. My house are supplied by an other pump. My need: 5 GPM stage 1 controled by Dole valve 30% time cooling +4 GPM stage 2 controled by second Dole valve 70% time heating 9 GPM total 4 PSI drop at...
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