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  1. Mckenzie

    Water lukewarm in one shower - hot every else

    One shower is generally only getting likewarm water. I say generally because sometimes it will nice and steamy warm but this is rare and completely unpredictable. The water at the adjacent sink gets plenty hot as does the shower and sink at a neighboring bath down the hall. It is not the anti...
  2. Mckenzie

    No pressure in new well

    You were completely right! Turns out the breaker was undersized, I had the well pump wired to a 20-amp fuse in the breaker panel, should have been 2-20's (sorry if lingo is off here, not electrically-savvy). So it was getting some power, but not nearly enough. Took the pump installer about...
  3. Mckenzie

    No pressure in new well

    The well is definitely not dry. I've taken the cover off and can see water in the casing when I shine a light in, probably 20-ft down. The water level does not drop (or else barely drops) when the pump is running. When it was drilled it was rated for 10-gpm at 150'ft depth, they first hit water...
  4. Mckenzie

    No pressure in new well

    Last year we had a 150' drilled well with submersible pump installed for a new house. The house is nearing completion and we are trying to get the well online. From the well there is a check valve, a 40/60 pressure switch, a 35-gal Flex-Lite pressure tank, followed by a hose bibb with pressure...
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