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  1. TLplumbGuy

    Culligan softener problem

    I tried choice #4 Gary. Yesterday afternoon, I used a wrench to bang in the Red hot water tab. That stopped the water from flowing. I also unplugged the power from the unit, and this time the display went blank for the first time! I was hoping that if I left it for a day that it might...
  2. TLplumbGuy

    Culligan softener problem

    Yup, that's the model I have. My manual doesn't show the error codes though. It looks like my motor's stuck. They quoted $100+ just to have a tech guy come over. Do you think they can 'unstick' the motor or am I in for a large repair bill? TIA
  3. TLplumbGuy

    Culligan softener problem

    Hi Folks, I hope someone here can help me out! I have a Culligan Medalist Series automatic conditioner (models 2000) Manual: Cat. No. 01882292 Rev. B 5/11/01 DCO #2527 The machine has been working fine for around 8 years or so. Every once in a while because of power failure or...
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