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  1. Redwood

    Ikea Plumbing.....?

    My concern would be that the sink does not have an integral overflow built into the sink and you are locked into that weird drain contraption available only from Ikea.... Should it no longer be available from Ikea and you need a new one the sink is toast...
  2. Redwood

    Symmons Temptrol tub and shower faucet

    You can count me as one of the plumbers that likes the Symmons Temptrol... The only time I would not recommend one is when you have water quality issues that corrode brass...
  3. Redwood

    Epic DIYer Shed Build Fail

    It looks as though their server is finally holding up... After several days of not connecting they are at 1.9M views on the thread... I'd suggest trying a visit now if you haven't been there yet... It will give you a good laugh...
  4. Redwood

    Epic DIYer Shed Build Fail

    You may experience difficulty in getting the page to load as they went from 4,000 visitors a month to 1/2 million visitors overnight... but I assure you when you finally get to see the pages it will be well worth your efforts...
  5. Redwood

    Epic DIYer Shed Build Fail

    Take a good look at this forum thread on British Columbia Sport Bike Forum... It has gone Viral and with good cause... The thread was started on 3/22/13 and has gone 38 pages with 1,048,667 views as of 4/7.... I must warn you that it will take some time to go through as it is a very long...
  6. Redwood

    India, Qutab Minar, Indo-Islamic architecture and world's tallest minaret

    Thanks Gary I'll be around a bit more often...
  7. Redwood

    Septic Tank questions

    Throw out anything you learned at E-How as it is a useless content farm loaded with useless articles written by useless authors that are clueless... Take a look on E-How at a subject matter you have some expertise in and look at it to see how badly they butcher it... You'll see...
  8. Redwood

    India, Qutab Minar, Indo-Islamic architecture and world's tallest minaret

    Yea I know I was understating it just a bit... It's good to see you looking in such good shape and thoroughly enjoying life on this side of the grass...
  9. Redwood

    Recommend a laptop??

    A couple of years ago I went with a Mac! I'm never going back and I love it! Yea, it costs more but it is worth every penny...
  10. Redwood

    India, Qutab Minar, Indo-Islamic architecture and world's tallest minaret

    Terry good to see you looking well and enjoying some travel... Looks like you've been off that diet you were on last time I was around...
  11. Redwood

    Casey 2

    Well I like humor as much as anybody else... Originality in humor is the key to success in comedy though.... When was the last time you heard Cheech & Chong do "Sister Mary Elephant"? I think that it gets a little boring when someone pops the same old joke out too many times.... Offensive...
  12. Redwood

    Casey 2

    Well Don I don't know if "That Name" would fly but it is an accurate description.... Maybe something like "Trash Can Forum" would be better.... It could start right off with moving about 2,384 posts into it.....
  13. Redwood

    Casey 2

    I haven't been around much... I get tired of reading the regurgitated EuroTrash myself... Interesting how Cookie is gone and the trash remains.... Ahhh I'm Out! The Moderation Stick swung in the wrong direction.... It gets old having to fight against hack advise through 50 threads and...
  14. Redwood

    Help Me Replace My Blue Toilet!!!!

    Excellent advice Jerome! Get the plumber involved before the new floor!
  15. Redwood

    5" flange too big for supplied wax ring, now what? Help!

    I'd put a dutchman in there...
  16. Redwood

    Clearing a fused Cast Iron Clean Out

    Pity you came here after the fact.... I would have just removed the cleanout plug instead of turning it into a bigger job... Easily done in less than 5 minutes when you know what to do...
  17. Redwood

    Orange Mold

    It is a bacteria, Serratia marcescens often pink or, orange and a pain in the butt to get rid of.
  18. Redwood

    Best Toto for 11 in rough in

    The Drake II only shows 13/16" clearance between the tank and the wall... I would go with the Drake CST744S, CST744SG, CST744SB, CST744SD, CST744SDB, CST744SR which have 1 1/8" behind the tank.
  19. Redwood

    How often should you test t/p valve on water heater

    Actually Mark I do test them and far more test good than fail. Of course your water conditions may be quite different from what I routinely see. I'm not kidding when I say bomb and you know it Mark... Of course the need of this critical safety device is limited to a situation where the...
  20. Redwood

    How often should you test t/p valve on water heater

    If you do leave it alone you are probably leaving a bomb in their home....
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