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  1. Toolaholic

    Main line re-routed near electrical panel

    Nope We have GFCI Elec. outlets next to our Bathroom sinks. Just don't do anything stupid !
  2. Toolaholic

    Not sure what pipes these are

    From Your Questions and comments, You need a good plumber ! No insult, just realism. Good luck Sully
  3. Toolaholic

    Hot water from shower but not tub

    A good thing to do in any case ,is to put on an electric A good thing to do in any case is install a Recirc. pump on Your W.H. Good luck Sully
  4. Toolaholic

    Plumbing making occasional weird noise...

    Chances are You need to add an expansion at Your Water Heater. Do a google search for W.H. Expansion tank. You"ll get a picture of one. If You don't have one call a plumber. Good luck Sully
  5. Toolaholic

    Ooops, there goes my snake

    Go to the Ridgid plumbing forum . Look for Plumber Ricks reverse Auger . It will get it out for You. Good luck Sully
  6. Toolaholic

    Pump Water Using Car/Truck Engine?

    Buy a gould Elec. pump. disconnect the Elec. motor. Fabricate a shaft with 12volt elec.a pully .run off truck fan belt .
  7. Toolaholic

    Outdoor sump pump

    Go online for Liberty sump pump and fiberglass pits. Zoeller ,and little giant. are two more companys. Go Big ! Good luck Sully
  8. Toolaholic

    Pamela Packard Love obituary

    So Sorry for all the Love family . She did one hell of a job. Luv To All Sully
  9. Toolaholic

    Ideas needed to deal with run off ground water from driveway

    What You need a " Geotech " They get it right !
  10. Toolaholic

    Poor performance on toilet

    Liberty sewerage tank and pump system , is what You need . Good luck Tool
  11. Toolaholic

    Finding my well.

    Find out who has lived in your hood for a long time and is somewhat Mechanical. They may remember the well driller Co. then call them.
  12. Toolaholic

    Help Please! Broken toilet flange bolt! Wife is mad!

    with a small grinder cut out and remove Old cast Hub, and clean up good. Install new plastic hub .
  13. Toolaholic

    Whats this soft white gel blockage in the toilet trapway ??

    Replaced old 17 year old Toto with a Kohler Elmwood. Great flusher and looks great wise. Any ideas on what built up in the old trap ? Thanks Tool
  14. Toolaholic

    Do I have to fix bellied main line pipes?

    Not enough Info. How many feet ? Line under concrete slab , or dirt ? For starters. Tool
  15. Toolaholic

    I have a septic issue that I am trying to figure out

    Adapt N use PVC a stronger choice ! Good luck. Tool
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