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  1. Barry J

    Moen Shower Valve is stiff.

    I had my Moen shower valve replaced less than a year ago. The plumber had set my temp setting a little too low. A couple of weeks ago I adjusted the plastic settings to be a little hotter. Now I am noticing the handle does not turn as "freely" as it should. Especially towards the hotter side. It...
  2. Barry J

    Sealing bathroom fan

    I just installed a new bathroom exhaust fan in my bathroom. Now left with a gap around two of the sides of the housing. What should I fill that gap with,to stop air leaks ?? Caulking ?? Spray foam?? And if I seal that gap will the fan work better?? Thanks Barry
  3. Barry J

    Bathroom wall

    Right now I have tile on the walls of my bathroom, all the way around, which goes up 50 in. I want to take down the tile and put up wooden tongue and groove planks in place of the tile. What is the easiest way to take down the tile? Due to my hot water baseboard, should I rip out the sheet rock...
  4. Barry J

    Sterling Kohler tub & surround

    I am looking at a Sterling/Kohler Emsemble tub and surround. (60x32) Has anybody have experience with these. Good, bad or otherwise? Thanks Barry
  5. Barry J

    Chimney Chase

    Chinmey chase There is a chase built around my chimney in the attic. The chimney goes straight up the middle of my house. Around the chase, it is only sealed half way around the chimney with flashing, on the floor side of the chimney. Hot air is coming up from the cellar and mixing with cold air...
  6. Barry J

    New tub and surround

    We have ASB Firenze bath tub and surround. Which after 6 years is cracking in two places on the floor of tub. We are looking at replacement tubs. Would like 60x32, and at least 15 inches deep, right now ours is 16inches. We got a quote from a plumber which was a little high for a Americast tub...
  7. Barry J

    Tub replacement

    About 6 years ago we replaced our tub with a ASB Firenze soaking tub, with surround. At the time we did not read any reviews and thought we were getting a good tub. Since then the first year we had cracks starting to form where you sit, it did not leak so I ignored it, but then that one started...
  8. Barry J

    Pool filter connections

    The leak is not coming from union part, coming from the other side that threads into the pump body itself
  9. Barry J

    Pool filter connections

    I just bought a new filter to pump hose, and the pool store gave me a new "union" connector to screw into my filter. I put some teflon tape on and threaded it in. It has a slow leak, probably a drop every 2 minutes or so. I took it out and put more teflon on., but still leaks. My question is...
  10. Barry J

    Chimney ? leak

    Now my stainless steel liner is in, they waterproofed the exposed brick. Now what should I use to clean the inside brck (living room), and now I will seal up around chimney in attic. I was thinking about stuffing Roxul in to the box around chimney and then metal flashing around the top and seal...
  11. Barry J

    Chimney ? leak

    I have already planned on having a stainless steel flue installed, from what I have been reading in other sources, that is the smartess and easiest thing to do. I have a friend of mine that is a mason coming over tomorrow to take a look. When they drop that stainless tube down, do they do it...
  12. Barry J

    Chimney ? leak

    You are a great help, thanks for all the research, I have already planned on having a stainless steel flue installed, from what I have been reading in other sources, that is the smartess and easiest thing to do. I have a friend of mine that is a mason coming over tomorrow to take a look. When...
  13. Barry J

    Chimney ? leak

    I have a two year old System 2000, oil furnance. I have the furnance cleaned every year, The chimney is connected to only the furnance. My Dad has a Oil furnance and he also does not have a stainless flue. My next door neighbor has the same set-up as mine. The stains are only on the inside. I...
  14. Barry J

    Chimney ? leak

    Here are some exterior pictures. The aea that is not flashed in the attic, and goes all the way down, is only a small portion. Which is on the opposite side of the trouble spot. The area that is giving me the problem, is th first set of pictures, the one that is labeled "chimney sealed" picture...
  15. Barry J

    Chimney ? leak

    In the attic, you see the top of the rafters that box out the chinmey in the pictures? Should I put metal flashing around that, connect it to the chinmey and re-seal it with chaulking?. That way it will be sealed all the way around the chimney?? Thanks Barry
  16. Barry J

    Chimney ? leak

    That is rust on the surface of the metal. The only wet spot on the ceiling is right where that metal strip is. No rodent piss evident, but thanks for your possible solution
  17. Barry J

    Chimney ? leak

    no I was wondering if I added more metal flashing (inside attic), on top of the 2x6 rafters, around the chimney, and then sealing it with that flame retardant (chaulk-like) sealant. That way warm air could not get in contact with the cold attic air and cause condensation. That is what I think is...
  18. Barry J

    Chimney ? leak

    Yes, I realize that, what I am referring to is inside the attic, sealing around the chimney, not outside
  19. Barry J

    Chimney ? leak

    My chimney goes up thru the middle of my ranch house. I have been having flaking and a yellow stain on the ceiling, right where it joins the chimney. I thought it was the warm air going thru a air leak and causing condensation with the cold air of the chimney. It was better in the summer, but it...
  20. Barry J

    Sub panel

    Right now my fuse panel is completely full, I believe it's a 200amp panel. There is not a open spot left. What I want to do is add another panel, so I can install a hot tub. The goal is to have the hot tub and a few other things in the second panel, like furnance and my frig. Could use some...
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