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  1. Jessesun

    Information Overload - Ozone, Chlorine, etc?

    Friends, if you can provide the following information, I can help you design an ozone system to treat your water 1. Your current water treatment process (we have to consider where to add ozone) 2. The amount of water per hour or day (we need to calculate the amount of ozone) 3. Your water...
  2. Jessesun

    Iron Bipfouling/softener issues?

    Ozone can be used to remove iron and manganese, and also disinfect water, but how to use ozone? you need to reply the questions below 1, what water is, well water, drinking water, spring water? if wastewater, BOD, COD, TSS PH of inlet water and discharge water 2, water flow per hour or day? I...
  3. Jessesun

    How to have ozone to disinfect drinking water?

    Jessesun submitted a new resource: How to have ozone to disinfect drinking water? - How to have ozone to disinfect drinking water? Read more about this resource...
  4. Jessesun

    How to have ozone to disinfect drinking water?

    In recent years, the water quality of drinking water has been highly valued by the society. On the basis of achieving 106 water quality standards, more and more water companies and related scientific research and technical personnel have turned their attention to the detection and removal of...
  5. Jessesun

    Katalox + Clack + Ozone = success!

    Corona discharge unit is ozone machine, do you know? We are a ozone equipment factory from China, please reach to me, should you have any question about ozone machie, ozone disinfection,.
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