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  1. WorthFlorida

    Need help on how to remove Delta Scald Guard single-lever tub/shower handle. Don't have the model #.

    Older Deltas look like this. Maybe the handle was an office the shelf universal replacement handle and it was jammed on the stem?
  2. WorthFlorida

    Need help on how to remove Delta Scald Guard single-lever tub/shower handle. Don't have the model #.

    It doesn't look like a Delta. Is there a Delta stamped somewhere on ut? If there is a screw its usually stainless steel with a phillips head, and the cartridge stem is either brass or plastic. If there is one you'll need a #1 phillips. Also, look around the handle for any set screws. The...
  3. WorthFlorida

    PEX pipe under joist to be changed to through joist plan

    Do not drill holes closer than 2" from the top or bottom of the joist. Pressure test would not be needed. With water turned back on leave it open for a few days to be sure there are no drips. Take some pictures for any future reference. As a suggestion, since you have to go around the 3" PVC...
  4. WorthFlorida

    Kitchen Sink Gurgle

    Been very busy lately, sorry I could not get back. Do what Jeff suggest and it must be a wye. Any 90º bend must be a medium or long sweep. What is used here is a medium bend which is OK. To get more slop, you can install the wye at a 45º angle and connect to it with a 45º elbow. I'm not a...
  5. WorthFlorida

    Kitchen Sink Gurgle

    The sump is for ground water that seeps into the pit usually by a tile drain around the foundation. The water is discharged directly outside. If the sump was sealed and used for a washing machine, etc. it would then be connected to the sewer. PVC pipe rarely clogs up but it can happen. Being a...
  6. WorthFlorida

    Kitchen Sink Gurgle

    A blocked vent is only one possibility. It is something to check. There is a lower level and if you're on city sewer, there should be a clean out. To check for blockage makes it easier. Is there a septic tank and not on city sewer? The shower and sink slow drain is most likely hair and not...
  7. WorthFlorida

    Crazy power fluctuations in the house! Weird.

    If it is an aerial mask service entry, a poor connection from the house wire to the service line is bad. If there is one, the wires may be swinging from the wind. Either way the electric company has to be there to check there end first. With all the storms and outages, a good chance it is the...
  8. WorthFlorida

    All zones on at same time, nothing pops up

    Sure the pump housing did not crack due to freezing? A broken pipe from the pump to the zone valve manifold or indexing valve will do the same. The pitless adapter is a good place to start. There should be a valve installed between the pump and the irrigation system, If not add one. How is...
  9. WorthFlorida

    Kitchen Sink Gurgle

    The problem is not be the trap setup, more likely as Jeff suggest, blockage further down the line and possibly a vent is blocked. The left sink gurgles because the disposal absorbs the sound. A single trap will not changed anything. The outside picture shows two roof vents on the left and...
  10. WorthFlorida

    Moen posi temp valve issue

    This was posted twice. My suggestion is also to check the temperature limit stop. It might be going past full on past the 9 o-clock position.
  11. WorthFlorida

    Moen Posi temp valve issue

    Check the temperature limit stop. It may be not set up correctly when it was installed. Full hot and it seems like your going past the 9 O-Clock position.
  12. WorthFlorida

    Unable to stop water in tank from leaking down

    Overflow tube will usually crack at the base. Some of them get very brittle and just touching them, as in changing a fill valve, they'll break and it would not be realized.
  13. WorthFlorida

    leak in valve of 3-hole sink - replace it?

    Looks of it you have a lot of minerals in the water. As the minerals harden up on the parts, it acts like grit wearing things down. . I think the internal o ring failed and they are not made to be taken apart and replaced parts but you can try. ACE hardwares stores and others sell a large...
  14. WorthFlorida

    Expansion tank on hot water line? Cold

    Since it was installed with push and connect fittings or Sharkbite, it can easily be switched over to the cold side. The expansion tank pressure should be pressurized to the static pressure. The blader inside the tank (2.1 gal) will be only about a gallon of water when pressured by the water...
  15. WorthFlorida

    noise when flushing toilet.

    Some shut off valves for the toilet uses a flat washer. They can vibrate as water flows and usually replacing the entire valve is needed. When you run water at the sink, the flow rate slows down to prevent the washer from vibrating. When you have the vibration, place your hand on the valve and...
  16. WorthFlorida

    leak in valve of 3-hole sink - replace it?

    Brass to brass never seizes so it can be removed. If you have the model and brand, replacement cartridges are probably available. What is leaking is probably an O-ring around the stem.
  17. WorthFlorida

    Parallel Wires?

    You can remove the second set of wires. There is no harm either way.
  18. WorthFlorida

    Sewer odor in upstairs bathroom after using kitchen sink/dishwasher situated directly under on the next floor down

    Agree, the AAV connection needs to be above the trap arm of the sink. It appears that another drain that was used for a double sink.
  19. WorthFlorida

    Sewer odor in upstairs bathroom after using kitchen sink/dishwasher situated directly under on the next floor down

    Is this something new? As water drains the air in front of it is being pushed causing a slight increase in pressure. It has no where to go so it is pushed through and out the bathroom trap. AAV is a one way check valve, it only lets air in. Somewhere in the home is a roof vent. You must...
  20. WorthFlorida

    Parallel Wires?

    Pictures would help. Are you sure from the breaker to junction A is 14/2 and not 14/3? At junction B, positive the wires are connected and not passing through? It's just a juncture box with no light switches or outlets? Between A&B, do the cables run parallel or take a different path...
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