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  1. Dohc46

    Refrigerator plumbing replacement

    Based on attached picture: attached to the 3/4" copper pipe is a "1987" technology "thingy" and you can see the braided line that is going up to the refrigerator. We are remodeling kitchen, so fridge is out right now, but no matter how hard I tighten this thing, there is a small flow of water...
  2. Dohc46

    PEX close to electrical switch box

    Hello, Ohio. I need to reroute plumbing (tearing down non-load bearing wall of course it had plumbing in it lol). From the attached picture can the PEX be this close to the electrical outlet? If no, would it be yes if I changed the outlet to GFI? NOTE* this section of the wall will then...
  3. Dohc46

    Lower P-trap

    Hello, I have already cut (made shorter) the bath drain kit as much as I could... photos: Plumb 31: overview of p-trap and part of the drain Plumb 32: P-trap Plumb 33: part of P-trap that is currently a street When I put on the bath drain kit and sit the bathtub on it, since the p-trap is too...
  4. Dohc46

    White PVC bath drain kit connect to ABS p-trap

    Apparently it is not normal to have the drain right under the bath drain (it was hard to find the piece like mine) (thank you So now I have the correct parts...however now ironically I have so many parts that it looks like (to me) I have two valid ways to connect tail to the...
  5. Dohc46

    White PVC bath drain kit connect to ABS p-trap

    Thank you! I will have access through closet (anything in photo 27 I would be able to touch). Photo 27 is original setup. Sorry for not clear on question 5: On photo 27 I circled the section I was trying to mimic on photos 22 & 23. Basically when I took of the circled section during "demo" it...
  6. Dohc46

    White PVC bath drain kit connect to ABS p-trap

    Hello, First off, regardless who reads this question; I have asked previous questions: you guys are great! I made the mistake of not remembering how the old p-trap was connected therefore... photos: Plumb 17: old P-trap & drain kit part that connects Plumb 18: old P-trap and "build up gunk or...
  7. Dohc46

    Align p-trap with bathtub

    Hi Wayne I finally have a dry run fitting of the vent (nothing is glued). What do you think?: 1) HECK no that can't work (feel free to say that if the case). 2) that is inefficient but will work, I guess. 3) I see what your doing an easy suggestion would be to... Location wise: where I have it...
  8. Dohc46

    Align p-trap with bathtub

    Hello, The new bathtub drain is not in same spot as bathtub taken out, therefore...I need to either move the p-trap over 2.5 inches (14.5 inches from wall, instead of current 17") OR figure out how to adjust PVC bath drain rough in kit to make tub align with p-trap OR something else ?. I hope...
  9. Dohc46

    Air Vent needs moved

    Thank you for the replies...I have added 4 more photos (Plumb 5,6,7,8) to make it more clear of the situation. The new tub is in the place it needs to be obviously night right lol...sitting on the vent and part of the tub would fall in the rough in hole (that's another issue I'm stuck on). I...
  10. Dohc46

    Air Vent needs moved

    Thanks for the reply: dang it! I knew I should have bought a tub that could handle above the floor piping (like the old tub) (seems like most of the tubs/shower combos today are for below the subfloor piping). No, I was not planning on doing anything else in the bathroom.
  11. Dohc46

    Air Vent needs moved

    Hello, The previous tub/shower combo that I ripped out allowed for the air vent to be above subfloor (as seen by pics). Of course :), the new tub Delta Classic 400 won't allow this. Any suggestions on what to do with this vent. This alcove is on 2nd floor of 2 story residential, Ohio. Thank you.
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