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  1. AndrewM1974

    Horizontal venting of a Saniflo in a log cabin?

    Hey all! I’m installing a full bathroom in the walkout basement of my log cabin. I’m using a SaniPlus pump, but it requires venting. Because it’s a log cabin, I can’t tap into the existing vent stack. Can I run a vent out the side of the cabin? Thanks in advance for any advice!
  2. AndrewM1974

    Nibco, Frozen spigot?

    Hey all, I’ve got this Nibco spigot that the knob is locked up and won’t turn on. Any ideas? Can someone tell me the model so I can order new guts. Thanks in advance!!
  3. AndrewM1974

    Supply line storage in van?

    Hi all! I know this is probably a stupid question, but I’m looking for ideas on the best way to store all my various lengths of braided supply line. I’d like to hang them in my van like how they’re stored at Home Depot, but can’t find a source for the racks. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for...
  4. AndrewM1974

    Water collecting in duct work

    Thank you, Dana. Yes, the in-line fan is just a booster. I’ll definitely try insulating the pipe.
  5. AndrewM1974

    Water collecting in duct work

    I noticed that I was getting signs of a leak in my drywall ceiling. Went up in the attic only to find that the water is dripping from an in-line ventilation fan ( Nutone ILF250). The nearby bathroom shower is vented by a Nutone QTXEN150FLT-B which leads up and over to the in-line fan via 6”...
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