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  1. JohnCT

    Staining countertop - Advice needed

    Do not seal anything unless you decide the stain is not a problem and you can live with it. Any hope of removing it can only exist as long as the stone is untreated. If it's just damp, it will dry out with time - then seal. Unfortunately, I have a feeling the stain won't come out. It looks...
  2. JohnCT

    2 minutes for hot water to reach kitchen sink!

    That was a while ago - don't know if OP will respond. Personally, I would tee directly at the HWH and feed a dedicated 1/2" pipe directly to the sink - no passing Go or collecting $200. It won't be instantaneous but will cut the time in half. John
  3. JohnCT

    See you later, not goodbye!

    Even though this was expected, it's still so very sad and difficult to read. I never knew the man, but judging by the love and admiration he gathered by his family and friends that have been worded so eloquently here and on FB, I'm sure he deserved all that praise and more. God bless him and...
  4. JohnCT

    Pex A Versus Pex B

    Right, they don't call it B but they don't call it A either. They say in the video that it's the same pipe and they also say it's made with the silane method which is by definition B. All PEX is supposed to be crosslinked as well, it's the just the percentage of crosslinking that determines...
  5. JohnCT

    Pex A Versus Pex B

    Yes. I just double checked. Zurn certifies their PEX B for F1960 expansion. As far as I can tell, Zurn only makes B because they describe it as being made by the silane method. This was cut/pasted from Sioux Chief, who makes both A and B but...
  6. JohnCT

    Pex A Versus Pex B

    Many PEX B pipes are now certified for F1960 expansion fittings like the A type, so if you prefer the expansion connection (I do), then you can use either A or B. Just check your B supplier if you're going that way to make sure they certify F1960. Zurn and Sioux Chief do I believe. John
  7. JohnCT

    New home construction - failed plumbing rough inspection

    Hi spammer! Welcome to the forum. And sorry I had to report you...
  8. JohnCT

    PRV replacement ... DIY friendly?

    I'm in the same boat, although my livelihood is electronics - not plumbing, but I have the same problems. You have to ask yourself if you're balancing your prices with the quality of your work. If you're not filling your 40 hour week (or whatever your choose to work), then you may have to...
  9. JohnCT

    PRV replacement ... DIY friendly?

    Yes, particularly in some areas where real estate/rent it 10X higher than other places. John
  10. JohnCT

    PRV replacement ... DIY friendly?

    Web searching shows 3/4" PRVs between $80 and $200 depending on who makes it. Assuming the expensive valve and one hour in-house to replace (generous unless it's buried like in a crawl space or otherwise not easily accessible), I'd put the job at less than $500 complete, and that assumes normal...
  11. JohnCT

    Uponor PEX issues - 5 leaks in 2 months. House built in 2015. Need advice.

    The examples I've seen with wholesale leaks have reportedly been within 10 years with some only 5 or less, meanwhile, people I know who have been installing Uponor for over 20 years have never seen a single failure of any kind. Seems like a batch issue to me or at least a localized water issue...
  12. JohnCT

    Uponor PEX issues - 5 leaks in 2 months. House built in 2015. Need advice.

    As we all are. What I am a bit suspicious about (not casting aspersions here) is when a new forum member says he has multiple Uponor leaks and doesn't post evidence or makes just one post or two and disappears. Still, this is a real thing, but I don't know if we'll ever know how small a...
  13. JohnCT

    Terry Love- cancer update

    I am so so sorry to hear this.. Prayers for his comfort and the family's peace in his final days - and God bless him. John
  14. JohnCT

    Pex and uv light exposure

    I wouldn't worry about it, but I would also throw the "pool noodle" insulation on them anyway (cheap, does no harm, and insulates the pipes) and tape the seams. LED bulbs don't put out a lot of UV, but they put out some, but nothing compared to sunlight or even indirect sunlight. In any case...
  15. JohnCT

    Can I use sharkbites to replace a shower valve?

    What concerns me is the prep of the pipe - it looks like it was done with 80 grit or larger paper. The pipe should be smooth almost like glass before running the SBs on. You need 200 followed by steel wool to get that smooth where you can't feel any defects with your finger nail. Also check...
  16. JohnCT

    PEX or Copper for cold climate?

    Neither should ever be allowed to freeze or installed in areas where freezing is inevitable. But Reach4 is correct - PEX can take far more abuse from cold than copper can, you just don't want to design plumbing that will freeze on occasion. John
  17. JohnCT

    Can I use sharkbites to replace a shower valve?

    The secret to making a S Bite last is to prep the pipe as much as if you were going to sweat it - perfectly clean and smooth paying particular attention to cleaning the burr from the cut - you don't want to nick the inside O ring when pushing the SB on and a smooth surface ensures the Bite will...
  18. JohnCT

    Rolled PEX-A

    It would take a while to get enough heat into the pipe to have much effect, and there's always the possibility of hot-spotting a section and damaging it. PEX A is supposed to be safe to heat as long as you don't actually burn it. John
  19. JohnCT

    Uponor PEX issues - 5 leaks in 2 months. House built in 2015. Need advice.

    I don't disagree, but saying nothing doesn't improve anything either. If we've learned one thing about the web, it's that a big percentage of the tiny percentage of people with issues will become public knowledge - making a very minor problem seem like a major problem. John
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