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  1. Reach4

    Can you add a larger pressure tank after filter?

    Where is the pump-- down the well (submersible)? If yes, you can probably turn up the pressure... but first check where the pressure is being lost. With a 4.5 gallon tank, and you are not cycling a lot, you probably have a CSV. A bigger pressure tank will not help with your weak shower/faucet...
  2. Reach4

    Suggestions on lowering well pump

    So I think it could be a 5 or a 7. Cannot be sure. You could measure the dead head pressure for a few seconds, and tell from that. I am not a pro. And if your pipe were to break as you did the test, that would be bad. Steel or plastic? Or just do it, and the pump does what it does. It will...
  3. Reach4

    Suggestions on lowering well pump

    You gave the part number of the motor part, and not the part number of the pump part. If that is a 5 gpm pump, you should be good to well over 900. For a 7 gpm pump, probably. For a 10 gpm pump, no. Is that steel pipe? Schedule 120 PVC, or what? There can be some high pressure on the lower...
  4. Reach4


    One inch SIDR pipe is 1.049 ID. I think you want a standard 1 inch "insert" elbow fitting. would not be my favorite because it has that mold mark...
  5. Reach4

    Heat pump safety switch chattering? Any ideas?

    I found the box based on your first post. If the chattering comes from the box,.... hmmm Can you open the box while this is operating? If you measure the voltage between both terminals of he same contact, the voltage should be near zero. If it is higher than... maybe a volt... I would say the...
  6. Reach4

    Clunk Sound From Grohe Grotherm Triple Function Shower Valve

    If you turn off one stop (hot or cold) and adjust the temperature to hottest or lowest, as appropriate, does the bang differ much? I am wondering if one of the arrestors is defective.
  7. Reach4

    Shut off valve before or after pressure tank?

    After the pressure tank! The compelling reason is what would happen if somebody closed the valve while the breaker is on. To shut off the water before the pressure tank, just open the breaker (or switch if you have one).
  8. Reach4

    Help Purchasing Filtering Equipment For New Well / House

    You could taste the difference between 0.07 and even 0.30 ppm of iron. 0.30 is where they set the SMCL (secondary maximum contaminate level). SMCL for iron is a taste thing, and marks the point above that most people find objectionable...
  9. Reach4

    Question about toilet flange.

    Cast iron piping can be pretty strong, but I would worry using that to provide the constant downward force. So yes, that is why those screws were there.. to help pull down. If you used the Hydroseat, that would let you provide the downward force with screws into your new plywood. If you did use...
  10. Reach4

    Chlorine Injection Problems

    I am thinking maybe calcium carbonate or magnesium carbonate, but it would not be a really simple equation-- because I don't suspect chlorine/chloride for the sediment.
  11. Reach4

    Heat pump safety switch chattering? Any ideas?

    1. Why would a switch chatter? Could the vibration be from something else? 2. For measuring voltage on 240 volt items, measure between the two hots. Do not measure from hot to ground for normal measurement.
  12. Reach4

    which TP valve next to PRV valve

    I would consider it undesirable. If this hypothetical overpressure occurs, do you want to be the one relieving the pressure through your water meter? If you did that, I would want that discharge to be into something with a loud water alarm, so that you can turn off the water. There can be a...
  13. Reach4

    Chlorine Injection Problems

    Well done. The blow off drain for the contact tank would be for stuff at the bottom, and I expect the output of the contact tank draws from the top. So that is an important part of the filtering. Did you just continue to draw from the bottom of the solution tank? I presume you have a flow...
  14. Reach4

    Staining countertop - Advice needed

    Weird. I hope the stain disappears as the material dries. So is it your theory that the stain was from water introduced above the counter surface (from cleaning etc), or that the dispenser faucet leaked RO water inside of the counter hole or above the hole?
  15. Reach4

    Cast iron drain pipe clogged

    Is that a piece of galvanized under that expansion plug? If you do cut things out, the first step is to take the weight off. A riser clamp along with other materials would help with that. The clog may be where the pipe transitions from vertical to horizontal in the basement floor. So that...
  16. Reach4

    Chlorine Injection Problems

    Can you pull the dip tube and use a bleach bottle as a temporary solution tank? I could not do what with mine, I don't think. I also use a solution tank, but no pump. I was accumulating white sediment over time. So what I did is to install a soft water faucet near the solution tank, and now...
  17. Reach4

    Question about toilet flange.

    The screws can be thru the feet or in the ring. What the screw screws into would vary with what is available. The closet flange has two jobs. It pulls the toilet to the floor, and it provides the lower part of the seal.
  18. Reach4

    Question about toilet flange.

    I would consider using a DANCO Model 10672X Hydroseat. It may fit your needs. Read up on it. You put a normal wax ring under it. I used to think you put another ring on top, but I see they are planning that you just put the toilet on top with no top wax. This would fit cases where the feet are...
  19. Reach4

    dishwasher air gap

    I found this one:
  20. Reach4

    Cast iron drain pipe clogged

    I would get a drain cleaning specialist to have a go at it.
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