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  1. Willl

    Toilet paper holder

    Any thoughts on what the best toilet paper holder is (design). I am looking for one that you can easily put the toilet paper on. Also would like it to dispense the toilet paper well while you are pulling the toilet paper out and the toilet paper stays on the holder well while you are pulling...
  2. Willl

    Navien Tankless Water Heater Comments and questions

    Hello everyone, I am considering getting a Navien tankless water heater. Originally I decided against tankless because of the maintenance issue but these Naviens claim that they don't require any maintenance. My plumber is the one that told me about them. They also can be vented with PVC...
  3. Willl

    Tankless or tank water heater

    Alright everyone I really do need help on this one. Just got a whirlpool installed in the home that is 120 gallons. The 85 gallon water heater we have currently clearly won't be able to work at all and it doesn't. About half way into filling the thing the water starts getting cold. There are...
  4. Willl

    Tub/shower options

    :) Hi, Looking at the sterling line of tub/showers they have a couple options that I would like clarification on if you could. Is age in place brackets necessary or recommended and should I get one with an access panel. Thanks
  5. Willl

    Pressure assisted toilets

    Hi, Anybody have anything either positive or negative to say about mansfield pressure assisted ecoquantum toilet 146-119. I am about ready to plop down $750 bucks for 3 of these units because they are on sale and figured I better do some research on them first. Can't find much online...
  6. Willl

    Shower doors

    When selecting bathtub bypass doors and shower doors what is the best quality metallic finish. Is it Nickel? I have gotten some polished brass ones that don't last long at all. I plan on going through my local ******* that carry the showerite brand. Anybody ever heard of showerite? I was...
  7. Willl


    As far as whilpools go with those in-line heaters which manufacturer to you believe is of the best quality and you get more bang for the buck. I have been looking at Jacuzzi and Kohler lines but am not sure. Perhaps there is more though. Thanks.
  8. Willl

    Sliding shower door

    Hi, I am looking for bypass doors that are completely frosted glass. I would like the width of the door to be 58†or higher. It seems like all the ones I can find are clear glass. Do you know where I can find any frosted glass ones. Thanks
  9. Willl

    Access hole?

    :) Hi, Do you need an access hole in a shower and also what about a tub? What exactly do you need access to in a shower and also a tub? Can I get by without one? Thank you
  10. Willl

    Minimum wall requirements

    Hello everyone, I believe that 3" pipe drains the best for toilets right. My question is if I am to run the 3" drain pipe in a wall what is the minimum size the wall should be. 2 by 6 or 2 by 4. The wall where a shower head is located within. What size should this wall be at. 2 by...
  11. Willl

    Codes minimum size and opinion

    What is your opinion on putting the toilet in a separate room in the bathroom. I think that it would be a nice feature as people could use the toilet in privacy while another is taking a shower etc. What is the minimum size the room should be if the room has one toilet and one door that...
  12. Willl

    Accident. Need help

    So I have just solvent welded expensive PVC gate valves to 2" PVC pipe.:mad: Can I cut the pipe and the some how remove the 2" pipe from within the slip socket that is on the PVC gate valves. The PVC gate valves have slip sockets on each end to allow 2" pipe to slip inside. Thanks
  13. Willl

    Cracked galvanized pipe

    Hello everyone, I just got my watering system going for preparation for the season and unfortunately there is a crack in one of the galvanized pipe. Crack must've been formed by freezing water. The crack is about 2 feet above ground. This galvanized pipe is used for the hydrant so sense...
  14. Willl

    Dimensions for a bathroom

    I am going to have a small bathroom built that only has a toilet and one vanity in it. I would like the vanity to be pretty small with only one sink and a mirror up. The single door that enters into the room will open up outward from the room not inward. What is the minimum dimensions the...
  15. Willl

    Pressure tank Q

    Hello everyone, I am going to be installing a pressure tank on my well pump. The well water is used to water my lawn and livestock not the house so there is no current line running into the house. Since I live in a place where water lines need to be buried lower than 6 feet because of...
  16. Willl

    Waterproof gate valve

    Does anybody here know of any gate valves that are waterproof. What I mean by that is the gate valve will be submerged completely in water. Thanks:)
  17. Willl

    Question about galvanized pipe

    Hi, Is galvanized pipe suitable for underwater use. Would like to use galvanized piping because of how rigid it is. Thanks :D
  18. Willl

    Automating stuff

    Hello all, I got a system right know where I water the lawn with hose sprinklers connected to hydrants and turn off the pump manually. I also have a big pool that needs to be filled up regularly and some other things etc. I would like to automate everything. I don't know if they even make...
  19. Willl

    ABS or PVC for outside pond

    First of I really do appreciate your help and support. The question is on ABS pipe and PVC pipe. I am constructing a pond outside, where it freezes, and don't know which is best. Is abs pipe or PVC pipe better for this. ABS pipe looks better in a pond setup because it is black but...
  20. Willl

    Submersible pump ?

    Hi, I have a submersible well pump. I have an option of weather or not to leave it on continuously during the night or have it turn on and off maybe about 5 times during the night to repressurize the system (tank etc.). Which option is better for the pump. Thanks:cool:
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