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  1. Zennifer

    Moving wall drain pipe over a few inches?

    We are installing a new vanity and sink. The sink drain is about 3” off of the wall drain. The vanity has full drawers, which we intent on cutting and remaking to fit, and it would give us the most drawer space (and be easiest to install the ptrap) if the drains were lined up. Picture shows...
  2. Zennifer

    Putting closet flange on riser

    Hi! We need to add the closet flange. The riser is flush to the floor. It appears to be 3”. Inner diameter pipe. We purchased a 3” push tite but are waffling on whether that’s ok with the smaller diameter. Also, when we push it in, the gasket always slides off the bottom AND it doesn’t sit...
  3. Zennifer

    Extending closet flange- help seeing what we need to do needed.

    We are redoing our bathroom floor in preparation for tile and to remove rotted wood. Long story short is that previous owners stacked 3/4” wood flooring on top of the existing floor, but didn’t extend the toilet flange. We’d like to do that now (edited to add) by replacing the flange and...
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