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  1. WorldPeace

    "Resetting" the Resin in a Water Softener

    Hello, Community, I have a perplexing problem. I installed a water softener earlier this year. It worked great in the beginning. However, unbeknownst to me, there was a leak in the Brine Draw tube. So, for 2 months, the control head was never actually drawing brine from the brine tank. So...
  2. WorldPeace

    Understanding Fleck Settings

    I was wondering what the Fleck settings ultimately do on the Fleck 5600 SXT control head. When you adjust the capacity (C), hardness (h), and safety factor (SF), does it simply change the amount of water that's softened before it starts the regeneration cycle? When I change these settings...
  3. WorldPeace

    Effectiveness of Resin in Water Softener

    Hello, Everyone, I recently installed a new water softener about 2 months ago. When first installed, it worked great. The water actually felt soft (aka slippery). Dishes in the dishwasher came out sparkling. But, now, the water isn't as soft. The water doesn't feel as slippery as before...
  4. WorldPeace

    Navien NPE-240A - Temperature Fluctuations

    I recently installed a Navien NPE-240A. The water temperature fluctuates 20 degrees when I take a shower. Navien currently does not have tech support for homeowners but I was able to troubleshoot and determine the source of the problem. When I have the tankless water heater set to 125 degrees...
  5. WorldPeace

    Optimal Settings for Fleck 5600.

    Hey, Guys, This is a great forum and I really appreciate the help that's been provided. I've read the posts on the best-recommended settings for a Fleck 5600 control but I just wanted to verify that I have it set correctly since I still am not sure what everything means. Any suggestion is...
  6. WorldPeace

    Best Water Softener Salt

    I've looked around but I can't seem to find any info on the best brands for water softener salt. I've read that evaporated salt is the best because the purity is at 99.99%. Unfortunately, no retailer publishes the type of salt they are selling. On, it states that Moron salt is...
  7. WorldPeace

    Possible Cross-Contamination in APEC RO Water Filters. Is Air Gap Necessary?

    I recently installed an APEC reverse-osmosis under-the-sink water filter for my home. And, I was surprised that it didn't include an air-gap faucet. It appears that other leading water filter brands do not include one either. It's an upgrade. I'm wondering why there isn't more concern over...
  8. WorldPeace

    Sharkbite cap, Identifying a Pipe Fitting

    I was wondering about this fitting's purpose. It's located on the cold water line before it enters the tankless water heater. Is this a cap? What is its purpose? (I'm guessing that it used to be the line that supplied that steam boiler. But, if that's the case, it was supplying cold water...
  9. WorldPeace

    Copper Kitchen P-Trap and Drain

    I've been reading a popular plumbing book by Hemp. He suggested making the kitchen drain assembly completely out of copper all the way up to the main drain/sewer and then insulating it. He found that it decreases the chances of clogs because copper retains heat better. He did admit that this...
  10. WorldPeace

    Installing Water Hammer Arrestor at the End of a Long Pipe Run

    Location of a Water Hammer Arrestor. I'm trying to minimize the water hammer emanating from my fixtures. I know they are typically placed as close as possible to the fixture's valve. But, instead of placing one at every single fixture, I was thinking about creating a whole-house arrestor by...
  11. WorldPeace

    Using Insulated Pipe Supports for PEX Pipe

    I notice that people strap their PEX pipe to floor joists first and then install pipe insulation. I'm thinking about doing it in reverse order. I wanted to install the pipe insulation and then fix the insulated PEX pipe. Not only would it maintain the seal of the insulation but overall...
  12. WorldPeace

    Is a Liner for Copper Pipe Hangers Necessary?

    I am installing a copper manifold for my home water supply. I'm going to use these copper bell hanger straps to fix the copper manifold to plywood. But, I notice that they don't include a liner. But, I've also seen pipe restraints that are sold with liners like here. I am wondering why the...
  13. WorldPeace

    Best Source for PEX Piping and Fittings

    Hey, Everyone, I looked on this forum but I can't seem to locate this information. Can anyone recommend a good source for PEX-A piping and fitting? I can't seem to find any at,, and other websites that pop up on Google. Red & Blue PEX-A Tubing. Specifically...
  14. WorldPeace

    Optimal Pipe Size for Bathroom Tub

    I've read conflicting information and I was wondering what the correct answer was. A pro here mentioned that they run as much 3/4'' pipe as possible, even running 3/4'' directly to bathroom tubs because code is just a minimum. They want to be safe. However, wouldn't this have the opposite...
  15. WorldPeace

    Creating a PEX-A Manifold for Home Water Line

    I am looking to set up a PEX-A manifold with valves for my home water line. The Viega Manabloc looks nice but that's PEX-B. Apollo came out with a manifold with brass ball valves; however, reviews of them aren't favorable. People have complained about cheap construction and leaks. Any...
  16. WorldPeace

    Sources for Learning How to Do Plumbing

    Due to COVID, plumbers have been in high demand and the quotes I've gotten are pretty expensive. It looks like it'll cost about $3k to do about 1-2 days worth of work. I know that if I do it myself, it'll take ten times as long, but I figure that it might be worth it to save that much money...
  17. WorldPeace

    Vibration Dampeners for Tankless Water Heaters

    To minimize the noise stemming from the vibrations from my tankless water heater, I am intending to install vibration dampeners (aka anti-vibration mounts). Someone had recommended Barry Controls, Series 22001 in another forum. They're $15 each. Are there other mounts that anyone can...
  18. WorldPeace

    Optimal Distance from Tankless Water Heater Intake Vent to Dryer Exhaust.

    Hello, Everyone, I am looking to install a tankless water heater. The dryer exhaust is only about 14 inches horizontally away and I'm wondering whether this was sufficient. I know that minimum distance is supposed to be 12 inches. Any advice? As a way to be safe, I was thinking about...
  19. WorldPeace

    AFWFilters or Durawaters or Water Filters of America

    Does anyone have experience with the products of the following companies? AFWFilters Durawaters Water Filters of America They all seem like they sell a solid product. I am wondering what people thought about the quality of these companies' products.
  20. WorldPeace

    Water Filters of America

    I found a seller of water softeners online. They are based in Florida and are called Water Filters of America. Their website was extremely informative. They dispel a lot of the myths surrounding water softeners. I did learn a lot from Aquatell's website, but Water Filters of America seemed...
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