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  1. Sdsad123

    Was helping a friend install a bidet and had to remove a rigid supply line and now the bottom of the tank leaks. It also makes a whistling noise.

    Here's the album! So yeah. Any idea how to fix this? Leaks from that part, so im assuming a gasket on the inside needs to be replaced but I dunno which one or what the process is. Additionally, it whistles on refill which may or may not be from the same problem. I do see that the toilet bowl...
  2. Sdsad123

    Does resin cleaner actually help?

    My softener has been reducing the water pressure of my house water so it's off for now. Its about 8 years old and we have chlorinated city water (not chloramine). Should I bother with resin cleaner? Does it actually work? Or should I just replace the resin or do something else? We dont have iron...
  3. Sdsad123

    Is it possible for me to replace my water main myself?

    My gosh, things keep piling on. I thought I was going to do a quick replacement of my refrigerators shutoff valve. Went downstairs to turn off the main and it doesn't even budge. This is a picture of the main. It appears as if I turns downwards into the wall. I could solder it, but I don't...
  4. Sdsad123

    Want to get rid of this saddle valve. Best option?

    Got this saddle valve thats a few inches under the cold water shutoff for the sink. It's 1/4" copper that I'd like to replace too if its not super goes from where you see, up a few inches, down into the floor, then across the kitchen, then up and into the wall and goes into the fridge...
  5. Sdsad123

    Water softener worked fine for like 4-5 years but now its causing weird water pressure drops.

    Finally figured out what these water pressure drops are due to and its the water softener. I bypassed it and everything works fine. It's a Fleck 7000SXT. Why would this happen? Thanks a lot for your advice.
  6. Sdsad123

    House water pressure gets super low when toilet is flushed.

    So, recently, over the last 2 weeks or so I've noticed that when a toilet is flushed the house water pressure gets very low. When I'm taking a shower, it seems to affect it no matter what. The hot water and cold water are equally affected. Occasionally the bathtub/shower will make a squealing...
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