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  1. JD3263

    Recommendations for New Water Softener

    Hello, I plan on replacing my existing water softener and could use some help with recommended equipment for my scenario. We have rust colored staining on shower walls, toilets, etc. I'm looking for advice on a water softener as well as any filters, etc. to help address other issues. 3 Full...
  2. JD3263

    Water Leaking from AC Condensate Pan

    Rheem Model: RCHL-48A1G MFG Date: 05/2009 Hello, I have a lot of water dripping onto the AC filter and from what appears to be the condensate tray. The AC blows cold air and seems to be functioning normally; it's just the leaking that's a problem. I used a shop vac on the drain pipes from...
  3. JD3263

    Main Sewer Line Clog

    Hello, I believe I have a clog in the main line and I'm hoping to get some advice regarding next steps. Symptoms: 1. Bathroom towards the back of the house - toilet won't flush and water is coming up through the tub drain. Running water in the bathroom sink also causes it to come through the...
  4. JD3263

    Consistent water, but low pressure

    Hi, Two days ago we lost water pressure throughout the entire house. The master bathroom toilet tank, which is farthest away from the well equipment, will not refill at all; the other tanks in the house do. At this time, the power to all the well equipment is disconnected. Is it a bad pump...
  5. JD3263

    Bathtub Install With Mortar

    Hi, I'm replacing the bathtub/shower in two bathrooms. I'm to the point where I'm installing the tubs and I plan to use mortar underneath. This is the tub I'm using in both bathrooms: Home Depot This is the mortar I'm using: Lowes Tub 1 is installed and is perfectly level with mortar...
  6. JD3263

    Vanity Plumbing Options

    Hello, I'm trying to determine the best option I have for plumbing our vanity. There was initially only one sink, but we're installing two now. I intend on using a splitter for the water lines to both sinks and having the drains from the sinks lead to the single pipe in the wall. I drew a...
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