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  1. Giantsean

    Older Navien CH240 error question

    I have an original vintage 2012 Navien CH240 which has already been replaced once (in 2015) for a dripping heat exchanger. Yesterday it started throwing Error 35 (gas pressure sensor) pretty regularly, though it has calmed down somewhat and will run longer at lower DHW temps before the error...
  2. Giantsean

    Appliance regulators for 2psi gas service

    I'm putting in some new return ducts to improve our HVAC system, currently working the basement. Last night I disassembled a duct which revealed the gas piping to our laundry room. I was surprised to see that the gas dryer line was completely devoid of a regulator (I know for sure there is not...
  3. Giantsean

    Acrylic tub crack repair

    Has anyone heard of "pasting" a new floor into an acrylic tub to fix a crack?
  4. Giantsean

    Valuing antique cast iron sink

    Hi All, Not sure if this is the right place but figured someone here ought to have some advice. I have recently replaced a Standard (pre-AS) cast iron double basin kitchen sink, which had been used as a basement utility sink for probably 60+ years if not more... I had thought it was 40's-50's...
  5. Giantsean

    Bar/slop sink slow drain

    Ok I know I promised the last post was my last... but... :p This one should be pretty easy. All in all everything works a treat, EXCEPT the basins of this sink fill up pretty quickly and the drain seems like it can't keep up. It is not awful but one faucet running will keep the water level in...
  6. Giantsean

    Old school faucet repair

    Hi All, I am in the process of replacing an old farmhouse sink (faucet probably circa 50's to 60's). The replacement that came w/ the used stainless sink is very leaky, and it didn't survive being pulled apart too well. Even the cheapest front mounts in the box stores start at 60 bucks and...
  7. Giantsean

    Slop sink... the final chapter

    So for anyone who may remember my two-drain slop sink and basement sink/laundry plumbing cleanup... I have worked out a frame out of galvanized pipe which worked a treat, sorted out my supply solution, and even figured out a way to plumb drainage without the risk of sewer gas sticking around in...
  8. Giantsean

    Installing basement slop sink questions part 2

    Hi All, So this post deals more w/ the inlet plumbing of a slop sink. The supply is 1/2 copper (currently stopped off at the ceiling while I removed the old sink) which will run down the wall. In most cases supply will be under the sink but w/o routing I'll need to leave a gap to allow the...
  9. Giantsean

    Installing basement slop sink questions part 1

    Hi All, I have an old cast iron farmhouse sink that aside from being strong and useful, is way too big. I had acquired a stainless steel double basin sink which is much more workable and was working on installing. I am trying to work w/ existing plumbing and had some questions. The existing...
  10. Giantsean

    Quick question on this hose bib

    Hi All, I'm going through and replacing my ancient gate valves and hose bibs with quarter turns. Bought this one at Orange Box Store as it was the only one I could find w/ a full 3/4 sweat connection. Anyway, I sweat it together w/ a MAPP torch... did not overheat it but things did get a...
  11. Giantsean

    CSST sizing question

    Hi All, Our home has a 2PSI gas system piped with Gastite Flashshield (the anti-lightning stuff). Right now it runs a Navien CH-240, cooktop, dryer, as well as an outdoor quick connect hookup for an NG grill. The original trunk is 3/4 from meter to tees where 1/2 lines for the...
  12. Giantsean

    General question on HW pipe sizing

    Hi All, My house is 1951 and has a 1" supply into a shutoff after which it reduces to 3/4". The house has been remodeled/changed up several times over the years and it is not a straight run of 3/4 to the water heater, rather it branches off in places to other 3/4 and 1/2 cold lines first...
  13. Giantsean

    Splicing/gluing old PVC pipe

    Hey guys... I have a 4" sewer line that has been plumbed wrongly and which I'm in the process of correcting. It is typically old and beat up (dirty/scratched) as exposed plastic pipes in a basement tend to get. I have enough wiggle room to splice in new fittings using couplings and that is my...
  14. Giantsean

    Fixing/correcting basement slop sink and washer plumbing

    Hi All, I purchased a used metal slop sink to replace a very large and old porcelain/cast iron sink. Our house has been in our family for my entire life, but I think it was there when my parents bought it. My dad did eventually switch us over from septic to street decades ago. Now that I...
  15. Giantsean

    Optimizing ductwork to maximize airflow/velocity

    Hi All, I've shared many a tale of woe from an ~2500 sf old mostly-masonry house renovation including a new central hydro heat/air system. I won't go rehash every detail but they should all still be available if interested. Since then I've done a few useful and important things: - Fixed all...
  16. Giantsean

    Iron to brass NPT fitting after multiple disassemblies

    Hey All, I am piping a garden hose extension which has a brass valve inline. For various reasons I've had to disassemble it several times and the brass is getting looser every time. On the final reassembly it basically hand threaded on to the last 2 thread line on the iron, and the only way...
  17. Giantsean

    NG grill outdoor hookup questions

    Hi All, First let me start by saying a) I did not build this existing hookup and b) I am not hooking up the new one myself. I have some ideas but want to understand what I'm in for in terms of parts etc so I'm not told to replace stuff I don't have to I have a NG outdoor hookup for a grill...
  18. Giantsean

    Question on alcove tub flange water seal

    Hi All, I had these question and pics as part of an older thread, but investigating the problem more I found I had a lot more questions than might be contained there, hence a new one. We have a drop in whirlpool tub in an alcove configuration which has a flange around three sides. This setup...
  19. Giantsean

    Tub drain leaking at joint

    Hi All, Noticed some water stains on the ceiling under two tubs. Investigation and a brand new access hole (thankfully through a linen closet :P) led me to the culprit. The assembly is a Kohler 7213 overflow kit which was installed along w/ the tub it goes with by a licensed plumber about 2.5...
  20. Giantsean

    Condensate + attic install + gravity = bad

    Hey All, Those who may remember my post about my HVAC installers being hacks... we now have another hacktastic milestone in their road to hack nirvana. They just can't stop topping themselves. So long story short we have an attic mounted Trane/AS hydro air handler which services the 2nd...
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