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  1. Toddjb

    Tankless water heater for closed loop shop floor

    All, I set up this closed loop system for my shop last year. I have 4 closed loops for a total of 1200' of 1/2" pex that is heating 1200sqft split between two main rooms. It cost me around $350-400 during the coldest months. That is not what I was expecting based on previous research. So...
  2. Toddjb

    Radiant floor heat - water heater discharging

    All, I just installed the radiant system in my shop. All is working as intended, except when the system cycles off a cup or so worth water comes out the water heater discharge pipe. Any ideas why this is happening? And how to fix it? This is a completely closed loop system. I have the...
  3. Toddjb

    Leak at joint on rough in valve. HELP!

    I'm finishing my basement. Put in a shower. This was my first time soldering, and like an idiot I decided to make one of my first solders the super expensive rough in valve, instead of starting on some easily replaceable pieces. Anyways, when I added water pressure I noticed that at the...
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