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  1. homey6660

    HVAC Design -- returns necessary on each floor?

    I have a two-storey, 87 year-old rowhouse that I'm having central heat/air installed in. The house is 1500 sq ft. The HVAC contractor I'm thinking of going with has worked with my on a potential design for the system that would have the return venting on the first floor only (the system itself...
  2. homey6660

    central heat/air install--product selection

    I have an older house (1921 -- approx 1600 sq. ft. of living space) in which I'm having central heat/air installed. I have a good quote from a contractor who had installed a system in my neighbor's house w/o incident. He initially offers to install Goodman condensers/furnaces, etc. I am leaning...
  3. homey6660

    Boiler leak

    I have a slow leak coming out by the pressure release valve on my boiler. I'm trying to isolate whether it's the valve or the expansion tank (Amtrol -- or Extrol -- model #30). Could be other issues, I suppose (I'm obviously clueless), but I'm focusing on those two for now. The leak happens...
  4. homey6660

    leaking heat system

    I have a slow, steady leak coming from my heating system. Wondering if someone can identify what the particular pipe is and maybe suggest some solutions...(less than calling a plumber, though I will if necessary). THe pipe comes out of the unit and has a release valve. It branches off just prior...
  5. homey6660

    Garbage disposal causing minor backup in double sink

    I installed a garbage disposal and new pvc pipes under the double-sink in my kitchen. I've had sporadic and very minor bouts with water coming up through the adjoining basin when I run the garbage disposal (the water barely gets from the drain into the actual basin). Any ideas why this is...
  6. homey6660

    Install garbage disposal in double sink

    I am installing a garbage disposal (1/2 hp, Insinkerator Badger 5) under a double-sink. I would like some help determining how to plumb the sinks/dispoal (no dishwasher). I have a picture if someone offers to help off-line. Right now, the discharge hole/port from the disposal would line up...
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