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  1. Marlinman

    Diverted stem, possibly Andre Collection

    The diverter you show is used by Newport Brass and others. It is made by "American Faucet and Coatings" the parent company of Sigma Faucet. Their part # for this diverter is 18.30.113. That diverter was designed to use a tension washer you don't show and would explain why pushing downward helps...
  2. Marlinman

    Diverted stem, possibly Andre Collection

    Can you post some photos of what you are working with? Their are different Andre collections and Andre faucets.
  3. Marlinman

    Help with Valve Identification / Shower Handle

    Most commonly was Ferguson PF3001 and discontinued. Still used by Kingston Brass...
  4. Marlinman

    Can you help identify the brand of this valve? Same knob on shower handle.

    The faucet was made by Valley Faucets and marketed by others. Factory parts are still available.
  5. Marlinman

    Case 3000 Toilet Seat

    Elongated Round Front Ohio distributors. Supply houses are your best...
  6. Marlinman

    Need help identifying old shower stems

    I've looked this over and over. The only thing I can see is the original transfer cartridge is missing the lower o-ring seal. Did you ever remove it?
  7. Marlinman

    Crane single handle shower, very old

    What an awesome find. I've seen lots of pre-war Crane valves but this is one I've never seen. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Marlinman

    Can I get some cartridge ID help? And advice…

    Being that the original problem was the valve dripping I would replace the seats and springs and reassemble.
  9. Marlinman

    Unicorn tub drain, slightly smaller that normal, help

    The one you removed looks to be from a Crane drain. You will need to confirm measuring the diameter and the threads per inch. Crane is 1.8"/14 T.P.I. Look at the chart to confirm. All the sizes shown have been used in tub drains.
  10. Marlinman

    Need Help To Identify this Old American Standard Valve Trim

    What you see is the A954440-0070A. Any of their Flash trims will work. You will not be able to use the cartridge that comes with it.
  11. Marlinman

    Adapt faucet threads to hand help shower hose threads

    Another Amazon
  12. Marlinman

    Need help with leaky faucet how to get to stems etc?

    This looks like the faucet you have. The H/C indexes should pop out to access the screws.
  13. Marlinman

    Nibco 600, Help identifying shower handle

    It sounds like bad cartridges. The chrome plungers on the bottom of the cartridge control the temperature. When you first turn on the valve the cold plumger begins to open. As you continue to turn the handle the hot plunger opens and the cold retracts. You can test this with the cartridge...
  14. Marlinman

    Can I get some cartridge ID help? And advice…

    The bonnet nut is metal (Zinc).
  15. Marlinman

    Need Help To Identify this Old American Standard Valve Trim

    If you can remove the handle you can see the model you have. The 3 screw is the R111 shown above. The 4 screw is Ultra Mix with a brass stem.
  16. Marlinman

    Can I get some cartridge ID help? And advice…

    The chrome bonnet nut with the 2 flats does screw off counterclockwise and the cartridge pulls straight out. Were you able to locate the service stops on either side of the cartridge?
  17. Marlinman

    Can I get some cartridge ID help? And advice…

    First you need to determine if your valve has service check stops. If it does the balance spool should be visible from the bottom. If it doesn't the cartridge should have check valves in the bottom of the cartridge. Can you get me the length of the brass stem? Top left A507190 Top right...
  18. Marlinman

    Adapter advice and compression fitting nomenclature

    A bit confusing but these adapters thread on a standard 3/8" male compression thread to accept a 1/2" female supply or swivel nut.
  19. Marlinman

    What is this for? Woodford Wall Hydrant stem.

    That is part of a Woodford Wall Hydrant stem.
  20. Marlinman

    Leaky faucet handle.

    The upper shower is American Standard Heritage If it is leaking replace the stem assembly. The lower tub filler is Logan. Valve seat is 5/8-27 tpi. If this is leaking tighten the packing nut or replace the packing with a pre-made packing or graphite string.
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