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  1. cmw

    Water flow noise.

    I just started using a 2nd floor shower that was built in the 60's. The supply is copper pipe and has not been used for all these years. The problem is a constant roaring noise when either the cold or hot water is turned on. I was hoping the sound would go away after using the shower for a...
  2. cmw

    Toto Ultramax leaking ???

    After installing & flushing the Ultramax, the water surface in the bowl met the Toto spec of 10 1/4" x 8 1/4". But, then the water surface area would immediately start to get smaller then stabilize after about 15' to 20'. The height of the water surface dropped about 1/2" during this time...
  3. cmw

    Sump Pump cycling

    We have been having a lot of rain & snow melt that fills my sump (about 20" dia) rapidly. I'm using a Zoeller M53 that starts about every 28sec. Cycle is 14sec pump out + 14sec refill. The float allows about a 5" reduction of water height & then shuts off for the refill of the sump. The...
  4. cmw

    Sump Pump cycles times.

    I'm using a Zoeller M53 pump in a 19" diameter X 22" deep sump. The pump is pumping 7' vertically to exhaust the water to an outside drain. The pump cycles every 35 seconds and 23 seconds of that cycle is spent pumping. The pump will be activated about 5 to 10 times/year. My questions are: is...
  5. cmw

    Stack sealant failure

    See the attached pic. The sealant fell off partially exposing the opening where the stack vents into the chimney. I also see a white cotton(asbestos ???) material between the stack and the wall of the chimney. My questions are: Should I duct tape this exposed area as a temporary fix until I...
  6. cmw

    Mold containment

    There is a product called Concrobium Mold Control that claims to encapsulate and kill mold. I'm thinking of using this on moldy drywall before removing the drywall. My question is: has anyone used this product with successful results
  7. cmw

    Should I trash or save this assembly?

    I replaced a leaking Saddle Valve that hooked up my water filter with this Tee assembly. The pipe is temporarily capped on top prior to hooking up a new kitchen faucet. The pex tube connection is good. I'm worried about the other (2) Tee connections. I had to really crank these (2)...
  8. cmw

    Water-powered back-up sump pump ?

    I installed a sump pump that is functioning OK. Now I am worried about a power failure when I need the pump to be working. I'm reading about water-powered back-up sump pumps. My question is: are water-powered back-up sump pumps a reasonable solution or are there better systems to back up a...
  9. cmw

    Sump pump cycling

    I've recently installed a sump pump in my basement, During a continuous downpour I noticed that the pump came on every 30 seconds. That is about 15 sec of pumping followed by 15 sec of refill of the sump. This seems to be too often. One thing I noticed is that when the pump stops pumping a...
  10. cmw

    Basement floor redo

    My basement floor had a water seepage problem for a few years that is now corrected. I've attached some pics that show the floor condition with some of the vinyl tiles removes. The pics show (2) different adhesives (black/tan) remaining on the floor. Pics also show an erosion of the floor that...
  11. cmw

    Erosion of concrete floor at vinyl tile seams.

    I had a water problem with a vinyl tiled basement floor that seems to have eroded the concrete at the edges of some of the tiles up to about 1/8" deep. There was also a lot of efflorescence forming where the erosion was taking place. The water problem is solved and no longer an issue and I want...
  12. cmw

    What size sump basin & pump.

    I've had (2) contractors recommendations that are far apart. One recommends an (8) gal basin with a 1/3 HP pump. The other contractor recommends a (35) gal basin with a 1/2 HP pump. The sump will be located next to the outer wall & have about 10ft of 2" piping total & (4) elbows (90 deg). I get...
  13. cmw

    KWC Single Lever Faucet w/Shower Head

    The Shower Head has an aerator assembly that has fallen apart after 12 yrs of service-no complaints from me. My question is: is this a standard size assembly that is generic and not mfr specific? The aerator is chrome plated metal with a 24mm external thread. I'm hoping that I can buy a...
  14. cmw

    Room A/C with mold.

    :confused: I have a Friedrich room air conditioner mounted in an exterior wall. I noticed that the directional air vents were dirty so I popped them out. It appears that they are covered in black mold so I sprayed with a bleach solution (mold turned yellowish) & then washed in soapy water. Now...
  15. cmw

    Rapidfire hammer noise

    About a year ago I replaced a 4" centerset with a new 4" centerset (cartridge design) on the bathroom sink and has been troublefree until now. Now, when I turn on the cold water more than 1/3 open, I get a rapidfire hammering noise which stops if I reduce the flowrate. This problem doesn't...
  16. cmw

    Sump pump location

    I have a basement flooding problem during rainstorms. The water appears first at the inside rear corner of the concrete block wall where it meets the garage floor (about 3ft below ground level). Then more water appears in isolated patches at the base of the same rear wall further over from the...
  17. cmw

    French drain

    I'm doing a french drain at the bottom of a slope. I lined the inside of trench with porous landscaping fabric then filled with 4" perforated pipe with sleeve and gravel. I want to make a gravel path along the top of the drain. My question is: Is it correct to put a layer of the porous fabric...
  18. cmw

    Prep to paint cement floor.

    I currently have a below grade vinyl tile covered floor (20'X20'). The tiles are removed & I am left with tile adhesive on the floor. I would like to avoid removing the adhesive and just paint over the adhesive. Not trying to get perfect results. Is there a paint/primer system that will bond...
  19. cmw

    Replacing interior doors.

    I'm thinking of using the Masonite (6) panel pine doors sold at Home Depot. They are described as solid core doors with front and back surfaces finished in a pine veneer. I am going to prime & paint the doors with a top quality latex paint. My question is: has anyone used these doors and do...
  20. cmw

    Toto Ultramax

    Just installed the Ultramax and have one concern. The spec sheet for the Ultramax specifies a water surface area of 10-1/4" X 8-1/4". My bowl fills to the size specified but , over the next 20 minutes the level drops 1/2" to a smaller water surface area of 9-1/2" X 7-1/2". It remains at that...
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