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  1. Joseph Skoler

    Septic pump mounting hardware

    I just pulled 2 Goulds septic tank pumps for testing and they both work (yay). But, the hardware is corroded and I need to replace. Can anyone identify these pieces, and maybe a source to buy them? Specifically the lift-off disconnect, the elbow that looks like a tee at the top, and the top...
  2. Joseph Skoler

    Double Check Detector Assembly

    The local town water department is requiring me to install a Double Check Detector Assembly after their meter on the 2" water main coming in (yes, 2" because the property has ~25 cottages). The Double Check Valve Assembly units are much more widely available and lower cost. Does anyone have...
  3. Joseph Skoler

    30 year old Gould 3885 Septic Pump

    Hi All, I bought a piece property a couple of years ago with a couple dozen cottages. In the mid-1990's (plans approved in 1993) a large septic system was installed (2 tanks (2500 and 3500 gallon) with 2 Gould 1HP 3885 pumps up to a 1600 sq-ft leach field (pump A to 800 sq-ft; pump B to the...
  4. Joseph Skoler

    1/2" vs 3/8" in K-400

    Would I see a noticeable improvement on 4" pipes by using a 1/2" cable instead of the 3/8" that came with the K-400 snake? Can I get a larger cutter for use with the 1/2" cable? Thanks!
  5. Joseph Skoler

    Snake for 6" main

    I just ran to Home Depot and bought a K-400 snake with 75' of 3/8" auger. Guest used wipes for a whole weekend and clogged the main. Unfortunately (I know), my main 6" PVC is reduced to 4" cast iron to pass under the public road, and then directly into the septic tank. Somewhere in the 4" is...
  6. Joseph Skoler

    Can these meters and boxes be exposed to the weather?

    Can someone please tell me if this wall of meters/pans and main cutoffs can be left exposed to the elements (Northeast USA)? The previous owner slapped together a plywood box around them and the plywood is rotten and unsightly. I'd rather see the electric service. Main switch boxes say "Type...
  7. Joseph Skoler

    Bizarre voltages at 3-way lights

    I am in way over my head. I have a 3-way light switch environment. Lights are overhead LEDs. It was working fine, then I put in a Zooz (Internet/remote controlled, electronic) 3 way switch at one of the switch locations. I keep blowing the Zooz switches (went through 4 of them). So I...
  8. Joseph Skoler

    Leach Field help

    I have a 6 bedroom (3 full and 2 half bath) house that I'm just about done completely renovating. Sewage flows into an old concrete septic tank. I estimate about 2000 gallons. Then out through clay pipe into a field (I don't know any more of the specs). I'm wondering if I should attempt to...
  9. Joseph Skoler

    Basement washing machine standpipe

    Does this look okay for a basement washing machine standpipe?
  10. Joseph Skoler

    Convert to Pitless

    On the advice of counsel (that is, the experts here), I'm planning to convert from a pit to pitless well system. Current pit is a concrete bunker, about 4'x4'x7' deep, with 6" ID steel casing in the middle of the floor coming out about 3" from the floor. My current thinking is to use a dresser...
  11. Joseph Skoler

    Flooding Basement from Well Pit

    I have (yet another) mystery. I have a well pit (about 5' deep) outside an old house with a stone foundation. The well pit has concrete walls and floor and in the center of the floor is the well, at the top of which is a well seal and out of that is PE pipe and wire that go underground and...
  12. Joseph Skoler

    Well pump electric usage and water usage

    I have a Flume water monitor on my well water meter and Emporia Vue electric monitor on my well pump. I am hoping someone can help me better understand the data I’ve collected. I ran a test early this morning: Used 13.65 gallons of water which caused the well pump to kick on for less than 2...
  13. Joseph Skoler

    Old Sump Pit

    My basement floor is approximately 7’ below grade and is poured concrete. In one corner is a square opening, approximately 20” square. I assumed it was a sump pit. I cleaned out the accumulated dirt, stone, debris and assorted crap from years of neglect and discovered 2 old cast iron 6”...
  14. Joseph Skoler

    Well pump decided to quit today

    I had an unexpectedly plumbing-busy Sunday. Sometime over night, my well pump decided to quit. I confirmed 240 VAC at the wires just at the head of the well. I confirmed the pump is not pumping (I have a CSV with pressure gauge on it -- it reads 0 psi). About 7 years ago I had the pump...
  15. Joseph Skoler

    Understand Laundry Machine Standpipe

    I'm trying to understand why a standpipe is necessary and required for the use of a laundry washer. In my own situation, I have 4" main sewer stack in the basement, with screwed in cleanout plugs. If there is a clog in the main stack, it will back up to the first floor, and I can snake it from...
  16. Joseph Skoler

    Condensate tubing into 4" PVC?

    I have a boiler's condensate tubing and an HVAC air handler's condensate tubing that I need to tie into my 4" PVC drain. The boiler's condensate will go through a neutralizer and then come out in clear, flexible tubing such as the one pictured below. The air handler's condensate comes out via...
  17. Joseph Skoler

    Takagi error 991

    I installed a Takagi 110u about 3 months ago. It is the only LP device in the house and has a 3/4" iron pipe feeding it. Whenever anyone takes a shower for more than 10-15 minutes, the unit fails with error 991. Researching this it looked like a venting problem. The entire length of exhaust...
  18. Joseph Skoler

    Pond fountain

    I have about a 2 acre pond, averaging ~7' deep and would like to have a fountain in the middle. The water is clean, good quality, with constant inflow and outflow. It does have a brown tint, which after chemical and settling testing I have concluded is taninns. There is no power anywhere near...
  19. Joseph Skoler

    Watts LF777SI Different Mesh

    I have an LF777SI Y strainer on the main line coming into the house (2") and am installing an IBC boiler with indirect water heater tank. The strainer has a #20 mesh which I believe is 841 microns. IBC recommends a Y strainer on the boiler fresh water feed. Is there a good reason to put...
  20. Joseph Skoler

    What does one call this air hose connector?

    Trying to replace the air hose and it has a straight 1/4" connector on it. The original has a 90* angle connector on, so I need an adapter. Anyone know what adapter/fitting I could use? Thanks!
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