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  1. Baltik

    Navien 240a2 - cant set time and date

    Seemingly stupid problem but quite frustrating if i want to set a recirculating schedule. When i set time and date in settings - then return to it it's always back to initial 2000-00-00. I did a factory reset and went through initial setup again but no avail, time and date wont stick. Anyone...
  2. Baltik

    Navien npe 240 pressure relief valve leaking

    I have a 150psi pressure relief valve and a small expansion tank ( I noticed some wetness around the relief valve and went ahead and replaced it. However the same activity is happening, small water releases from the pressure relief valve after use. Is this...
  3. Baltik

    Offset toilet flange for 4” cast iron pipe?

    I’m in the middle of a bathroom remodel and am facing a small dilemma. The existing 4” ID cast iron connector has a busted flange and is 11” from the wall vs the 12” I need for my Woodbridge toilet. I’ve found a few offset adapters but they would raise the toilet about 2” higher which wouldn’t...
  4. Baltik

    Silicone and gasket for Leaky tub drain?

    So my recently installed (not by me) tub is starting to leak at the drain. I wanted to take the opportunity to replace the drain at this juncture anyway. The new drain comes with 2 rubber gaskets (and no instructions) should I just use the gaskets or is advisable to use putty/silicone as well?
  5. Baltik

    Looking for obscure adapter

    So I have a 1.5” slip connection on one side and would love to connect it to a 2” female threaded. Space is super tight so ideally looking to do it in a single adapter but can use two provided they are low profile, any ideas?
  6. Baltik

    Recommendation for a tankless water heater

    I need to relocate my existing 80gal tank unit. Given it's 11+ years old it seems like a replacement is in order as well. As it stands, hot water takes a long time to reach the kitchen so clearly a recirc is needed. Gas line access is easy so that's not an issue. Hoping for a 9+gpm unit for a...
  7. Baltik

    Trying to maximize pipe clearance under toilet

    My toilet is on the second floor and I am attempting to sheetrock the ceiling underneath it. There is currently a 3” quarter turn, long sweep coming off the toilet that hangs about an inch too low, is there any creative solutions (don’t have to be code but do have to be functional)?
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