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  1. DirtyJerz

    Help me build a washer hose shut-off valve

    Follow-up on my earlier thread… I'd like to build my own shut-off valves because the standard kits you get at HD don't really work for my setup. Can someone provide a link to components I can use to build a shut-off valve for washing machine hoses? I'm having a hard time finding something that...
  2. DirtyJerz

    Expanding washer hose connections

    Hi, I currently have 1/2” copper pipe going to a gate valve and standard washer hose connectors for hot and cold water. This is hooked up with regular hoses to a full size washer. In the near future, I’m going to be adding a bunch of things here: another full size washer, a pedestal washer (LG...
  3. DirtyJerz

    How do I get this nut (?) off?

    Both of the bathroom sinks in our place have connections from the wall bends that look like this: They are on pretty solid. How do I get them off? Rust blaster and WD-40 do absolutely nothing to them. Kitchen sink doesn’t have these shenanigans and came off normally.
  4. DirtyJerz

    Gurgling in one half of kitchen sink

    Hello, Have a two bowl kitchen sink. Recently replaced the dishwasher hose to have a proper high loop (previous hose had a bunch of excess flopping around under the sink) and now anytime the left sink is used for more than a few seconds, the right sink gurgles. With a flashlight I can see air...
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