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  1. Sylvan

    Knowing the "Codes" and how to use them

    There is a golden opportunity for for plumbers who are licensed and know the codes and do not mind looking through the books and examining all the fine print I just was informed 10/21/2020 that we won a judgement against a luxury building in Manhattan that had a flood over a doctors...
  2. Sylvan

    When an employee THINKS you cannot do without them

    A guy showed up an hour late for a gas piping installation I sent him home and did the following work alone and it took me 5 hours plus an extra 80feet of piping installed Never under estimate an old guy with an with steel pipe wrenches and a stick ruler
  3. Sylvan

    IPC Question

    For showers I always use a 2" waste pipe then I read the IPC code NYC has adopted and I find it confusing "SECTION 417 SHOWERS 417.1 Approval. Prefabricated showers and shower compartments shall conform to ASME A112.19.2/CSA B45.1 or CSA B45.5/IAPMO Z124. Shower valves for individual...
  4. Sylvan


    I was contacted by a new law firm this morning regarding scalding and I was asked to go to Philadelphia PA I am so thankful you have the codes each stat uses so I will be able to take the case Again fantastic that you have it all here
  5. Sylvan

    Radiator in the news. Lying news papers

    Shame that newspapers and other media that spread lies as gospel are not held accountable for spewing lies to peddle their fake news stories
  6. Sylvan

    There is NOT enough jail time for this "tech"

    Another case came in today a woman was severely l scalded and again I am the expert witness A low life told her that water heaters are not required if you have a boiler with a coil and he removed the water heater and used the tank less coil to supply hot water No tempering valve...
  7. Sylvan

    Just curious

    During the past several months I have been working on cases as an expert witness Seems everyone of these "victims" were severely scalded in showers or ex posed heating lines where children were burned Here is the one that I am looking forward to testifying for as I was hired to be a...
  8. Sylvan

    Lead pan

    See we only install lead pans as plumbing is an art form not just a trade
  9. Sylvan

    Just completed another 8 Hr course

    Plumbing and fire suppression and gas fitting and boiler inspections codes and installations are getting a lot more complex
  10. Sylvan

    Old posting back in 1999 Still holds true

    Do We or Don't We Use Chemicals? by Sylvan Tieger With the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and other government agencies looking to monitor the use and fine chemical users and manufacturers. WHY would any REAL professional Sewer Drain / Plumbing company want to use such "chemicals"? To...
  11. Sylvan

    Watts 1/2 IPS Ball valve

    Does anyone have any valve failures with Watts 1/2" IPS Ball valves?
  12. Sylvan

    For ever action there is a reaaction

    NYC in their wisdom to conserve water paid master plumbers to install 1.5 GPF toilets and install flow restriction in faucets This turned out to be a gold mine for the plumbing industry and lawyers The flow restrictors cause lots of scalding incidents so being an expert witness added...
  13. Sylvan

    TEST drive before buying

    The BMW 750 I X drive is really an electronics nightmare compared to the Lexus 460 AWD The BMW is quick with twin turbo 0 -60 in 4 .2 seconds but is not as user friendly as my other cars
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