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  1. vistaman

    Convert Plug-in to Hard-Wire Connection

    My 18 year old 30 gallon electric water heater (240v/3500w) now plugs into a wall receptacle served by a 20a double breaker. The water heater just gave up the ghost and started leaking. The replacement is a similar sized/similar powered unit but code now specifies that the connection should be...
  2. vistaman

    45's to raise p-trap arm?

    New vanity in a bathroom remodel has a cabinet floor that is several inches higher than the old vanity floor. It comes to just below the bottom of the drain outlet coming from the wall. Just enough room to run the horizontal trap arm and tighten the slip joint. The DWV is in the wall just beyond...
  3. vistaman

    Delta cartridge problems

    Back in February, planning our bathroom remodel and shopping for advice and recommendations for a new valve, advised to go with Delta. Didn't work out to well :) , my tale of woe follows: As you can see we're several months down the road on this one, finished our remodel about a month ago. I...
  4. vistaman

    Pipe Dope, Plumbers Putty, or Teflon Tape?

    Any general rules for using which, when, why? Or the opposite, why /not/ to use which, when? :) Thanks...
  5. vistaman

    American Standard 2043 "Elite"

    Hello, Long time lurker and now my first post :) I'm setting up for my tub/shower remodeling job and need to finish choosing fixtures. I was about to grab a Delta T17430 Innovations Tub/Shower setup with the Multichoice Valve, when I came across this valve from American Standard at Home Depot...
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