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  1. Sforms

    Washer shutoffs, Compression or sweat?

    Another washing machine shut off valve question. My currently leaky valve is a threaded boiler drain valve that is soldered on to the pipe. Is it better to replace with the same thing? Or should I get a compression valve? I haven’t seen any sweat type valves for washing machine shut off and only...
  2. Sforms

    Replace washer valve?

    Hi I went to turn off water supply to repair my washing machine and both valves were frozen in place- it’s strange because I am almost positive my plumber shut them off to disconnect the machine to get it out of the way of a recent plumbing repair which means they have been opened and closed...
  3. Sforms

    Plastic sink basin nut problem

    Hi I’m trying to replace my kitchen faucet. Got a tool to grab the plastic basin nut started to turn- and then realized I am turning the nut and the bolt together. So the nut is stuck to the bolt and the bolt is broken off of the faucet assembly on the inside. How do I get this off? Hoping to...
  4. Sforms

    Stuck tub spout. Help!!

    Hi I tried the simple task of replacing the tub spout. It has a set screw which I removed, but I cannot get the spout off the pipe. I can actually unscrew the entire spout from the inner plastic adapter piece that is on the pipe but the plastic will not budge and I don't want to damage the...
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