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  1. John Gayewski

    Signature hardware tub supply lines question

    I've not tried this alot but I actually think they would go together. I worked with a guy from Europe and they use straight threads with rope in the threads. I think tape would seal these two. I haven't had occasion to experiment although I do have a claw foot tub.
  2. John Gayewski

    Signature hardware tub supply lines question

    Ips will refer to many types of things, like if you go to the store you'll see a section of straps/hangers for ips and a section of straps/hangers for Cts (copper tube size) Npt or NPS just refers to straight or tapered versions of the same threads.
  3. John Gayewski

    Signature hardware tub supply lines question

    Iron pipe size. Nptt vs npts National pipe thread taper, national pipe thread straight
  4. John Gayewski

    Signature hardware tub supply lines question Might work, but I think there are actually better ones.
  5. John Gayewski

    Signature hardware tub supply lines question

    Ips and npt are the same thing. You might just mean straight threads on ips. There are adapters for this, but tape and dope should do it. For a safer bet look for ips straight x taper adapters.
  6. John Gayewski

    Body spray pressure balancing loop

    Looks like this is going to drip water in between uses, probably from the bottom one constantly. I think those shower head outlets should be coming from the bottom of those rungs. Also the supply should come into each side in the middle. The path from each inlet to each outlet should be equal.
  7. John Gayewski

    Navien NCB190/060h - new install questions

    Is your system a primary secondary secondary system? With one loop delivering hot water to the other (secondary) loops?
  8. John Gayewski

    Fasco blower motor

  9. John Gayewski

    How to change elevation in long kitchen sink drain line

    Pipe that spans from floor to ceiling should be supported from above and at the floor. Using a pvc tee would be my choice with a riser clamp at the floor. Wye into the stack. Long sweep 90 or combo with cleanout horizontally.
  10. John Gayewski

    Thermal Switch Keeps Tripping on LP Water Heater

    Thermal switch as in thermostat?
  11. John Gayewski

    Vent size for toilet, shower, and vanity for IPC

    I guess the wording in the section on wet venting would come into play here. Is there a portion of the wording that says "undiminished in size"? As in a wet vent shall be minimum 2" and blah blah blah... shall terminate undiminished in size blah blah blah... @wwhitney would be the expert on...
  12. John Gayewski

    Sump pump discharge pipe noise driving us insane - any fixes?

    A diagram of the piping layout might help.
  13. John Gayewski

    Venting a drum trap

    Coming this late in the game I would use an AAV. But the plumber should have been in mix from the start.
  14. John Gayewski

    Basement shower instead of roughed in tub

    You would cut the p trap out and use a long sweep 90 or a pair of 45's to get to your drain location. The 90 you have laying in the picture isn't right. The distance from the vent to the trap is limited by the code. How long will this be? I think Georgia is ipc and limited to 8' from the vent to...
  15. John Gayewski

    Slight sewer smell when flushing

    When my toilet clogs my shower trap siphons. It happened to me the other day. It's highly unlikely the toilet is emitting miasma.
  16. John Gayewski

    Need to cheat toilet vent line toward wall

    You can use the fitting you have in the picture as long as it stays in the position its pictured in.
  17. John Gayewski

    Compression sleeve removal shrank copper pipe, new compression fittings slide off

    I've had the sharkbite fittings develope a leak in this situation. According to the person who installed the sharkbite cap it wasn't leaking at first, but it developed a leak after a couple of weeks due to good knows what. Maybe it got bumped. But we ended up using new copper.
  18. John Gayewski

    Series Loop vs 2 Pipe Direct Return for Boiler

    Technically 67' or less of 3/4" finned tube radiator in one zone should be trouble free. You just don't have enough currently to keep your room up to temp. Piping 10 more feet of finned tube shouldn't cause issues, it's just making sure you get flow with the piping method. Your drawing is pretty...
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