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  1. Terry

    Elongated Toilet Recommendation

    There are two seat sizes, round and elongated, with a 1.5" difference in length. If you have a round bowl with round seat, it doesn't matter what brand it would be, same for the elongated bowls. A toilets have improved over the years. I'm not a fan of the Champion though. If you're thinking...
  2. Terry

    Fill valve running on TOTO

    I would replace the fill valve. Korky and Fluidmaster make replacements that work for the TOTO Drake. Korky, blue or gray cap Fluidmaster, their adjustable refill rate version.
  3. Terry

    Toilet Rough In

    Can you measure again? From wall to center of bolt caps. Not from the floor molding.
  4. Terry

    Is Galv Steel measured by the OD?

    The 1.5" galvanized and the 1.5" tubular p-trap have a different OD. The tubular trap slides inside of the galvanized.
  5. Terry

    Trap Arm or Obstruction issue?

    Wow! Yes, the 3" trap arm was all it needed. Would he have been okay with this one?
  6. Terry

    How to align PVC pipe in cast hub with donut

    I would also go with 2" into the 2" cast iron hub. Downsizing a washer isn't a good idea. Even though in the 60's they did use that size. A couple of 22's to bring it into the wall, and add a 2" cleanout.
  7. Terry

    Copper Pipe Rubbing on Washer Box

    The job you did looks very good. It makes me glad we have this forum to help each other. Good Job! :)
  8. Terry

    Trap Arm or Obstruction issue?

    Reminds me of an inspector that wanted me to install a 1.5" cast iron pipe for a vent one time. Said it was an oversized vent. I had run it with 2", my normal way. When I asked the head inspector why that could be a problem, he laughed and said it wasn't a problem.
  9. Terry

    Major Shower Issue? 18k spent!

    You really need to start with a solid pan in place and work from there. If the floor was flat and the pan had aid flat without rocking, then they could have skipped that step. They may need to start over.
  10. Terry

    Major Shower Issue? 18k spent!

    The pan, according to the instructions that came with it, needed a mortar base. They skipped that step.
  11. Terry

    Compression sleeve removal shrank copper pipe, new compression fittings slide off

    You can cut the copper back and solder on more to extend out further, it's a job for a plumber, with water handy so that you don't burn the structure down. We replace a lot of shutoffs, so for us cutting a small portion off the end, allowing the new shutoff to slide on, makes more sense most...
  12. Terry

    Compression sleeve removal shrank copper pipe, new compression fittings slide off

    The simplest fix is to cut back the copper to where it's still full sized, and just have the shutoff closer to the wall, even if that means not having the escutcheon behind or even slightly burying the backing nut into the wall some. No tape on compression threads, you can use some pipe dope.
  13. Terry

    Are emergency plumbers trustworthy?

    If you've been having plumbing issues in Gloucester for years, then it may be a good idea to bring in service plumbers on a regular basis during normal working hours. Like Jeff mentioned, plumbing covers a lot and it's rare to find an outfit that truly does it all. Outfits that clear drains...
  14. Terry

    Basement toilet install with rear discharge

    Most rear outlet toilets rough in at 4-14" Where did you find one for 7" ?
  15. Terry

    Slight sewer smell when flushing

    The bleach mix sounds like it was a good idea. Looking for smells is always hard.
  16. Terry

    Belly in line... Plumber installed Pressure Assist Toilet

    A pressure assist toilet is the easiest fix for a belly in the line. Repairing the pressure tanks are not really hard, often it's the air inducer that gets changed out, let me check to see if that's right. Sometimes the fix is real simple. You also might want to consider picking up a new tank...
  17. Terry

    Trap Arm or Obstruction issue?

    Since you have 3" going into a 4" hub was he hoping for a 4x3 closet flange?
  18. Terry

    Slight sewer smell when flushing

    If the tub hasn't been used recently, run some water down it. Heck, run some water down it first and then we can start checking things. It's hard to know why a toilet being flushed would allow sewer gas into the room though. A bad floor seal, normally also has water leakage. How clean is the...
  19. Terry

    How to add a drain from an upstairs bar sink to basement standing pipe run

    The tie in would be below the santee for the washer trap arm, or if needed, even lower on the horizontal main drain out to the left.
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