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  1. Terry

    Herbert Kohler, plumbing mogul obituary Herbert Kohler
  2. Terry

    Terry Love is dealing with some cancer now

    I've been dealing with some medical issues related to my colon cancer surgeries from 2010 that showed their ugly face this year. I had started a couple rounds of chemo but things took a turn last Wednesday the 21st when I had a high fever. By Saturday I had a colostomy diversion. I'm taking a...
  3. Terry

    Eljer tub parts? 1950

    American Standard tub parts? 1950 Marlinman says Eljer.
  4. Terry

    New profile picture

    I like this new profile picture that my sister Trinda Love took last weekend while I was in Walla Walla Washington for a wedding for my ski buddy nephew Rex Love from Spokane. The wedding was in Milton-Freewater Oregon. I was thinking the profile picture I had there was getting kind of old...
  5. Terry

    Washing machine valve stems in wall, what brand?

    My job tomorrow, to repair these stems in the wall for a washing machine hookup. The home was built in 1963 in the Seattle area.
  6. Terry

    Symmons, the old valves. Which ones have your worked with?

    Symmons, the old valves. Which ones have your worked with?
  7. Terry

    Crane Capri 8-2308 Shower Valve

    Crane Capri 8-2308 Shower Valve, also 8-2301 And below also a Capri, but totally different cartridge. Looks more like a Moen 1200 cartridge below.
  8. Terry

    Single handle tub/shower on tub spout

    I have never seen one of these tub/shower valves before with the control on the spout. And the connections at the back. Those look to be loops with 3/8" soft copper to the valve.
  9. Terry

    Symmons Safety Mix Visu-Temp shower valve

    Symmons Safety Mix Visu-Temp shower valve
  10. Terry

    Costco and the $1.50 Hot Dog

    Costco and the $1.50 Hot Dog. I was wanting one Wednesday and I was wanting one Thursday, but couldn't fit it into my lunchtime schedule. I was thinking about one this week and the fact that they were only $1.50, and I could put relish, mustard and ketchup on it. And it comes with a drink. How...
  11. Terry

    A&B Plumbing and Heating, New York

    Nice picture of an old plumbing van, A&B Plumbing & Heating. I wonder is Sylvan knows how old this company is?
  12. Terry

    Old Kohler 304 shower valve

    I've never seen this old valve before. Someone mentioned that Kohler parts will work for it. An older model brass Kohler valve that stopped functioning properly. (see photo) On the Kohler support website, it is called the "Early Pressure Balancing Valve (No Specific Model Number)" and has...
  13. Terry

    Trench collapse while repairing sewer line to home. Two men lost.

    On Monday of this week in Shoreline Washington, two men were lost while attempting to repair a sewer line to a private home. The trench wasn't properly supported from collapsing. The recovery of the men's bodies was done on Wednesday July 6, 2022...
  14. Terry

    Master Plumber Mark visit to Seattle 2022

    Master Plumber Mark and his wife LeAnne met with Pam and I for dinner at Anthony's in Des Moines WA for dinner Friday. I had just finished up my CATscan and met him at the restaurant. It's always fun to talk plumbing with Mark and his wife, and spend some time together. I'm thinking we need to...
  15. Terry

    Dupuytren's contracture

    Having some problems typing this week.'s%20contracture%20(also%20called%20Dupuytren's,or%20in%20toward%20your%20palm. Surgery was on Monday. Plumbing is going to be delayed a bit. Also...
  16. Terry

    Adding a shower to a 1907 home in Hoquiam, WA for my brother Clare

    My last project was gutting a half bath and turning it into a 3/4 bath with shower for my brother Clare so that he can skip the stairs to the 2nd floor bathroom which is tough to access since the stroke that put him in a wheelchair. The stroke was in November and his daughter has been kind...
  17. Terry

    Terry Love to sing the National Anthem at the Everett Aquasox game June 5th

    Sunday June 5th at 4:05 PM I will be singing the National Anthem at the Aquasox baseball game in Everett WA. I would love to see family and friends there too.
  18. Terry

    American Brass three handle tub parts & trim?

    I think this is from a manufactured home.
  19. Terry

    There is only one way to sit on a toilet

    Saturday Night Live asks about sitting positions on toilets. Toilet Death ejector. The Koohl toilet The Love Toilet
  20. Terry

    Patching lead drain lines in an old Seattle home, any good ideas?

    A family project for a home destined to be bulldozed when the current owner dies. In the meantime, lead drain lines with holes in them, and no money to replace with new. It's a reverse mortgage that needs to have working plumbing, but really no money to do it with. Patching lead, something I've...
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