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  1. DIYorBust

    3-handle shower valve tailpiece

    Hi Folks. After some pause due to covid, I'm trying to pickup an old project I am working on with a very old 3 handle tub valve body. I think I posted on this a few years ago, but didn't get much traction during the lockdown, but I thought I'd give it another shot. It has union like tailpiece...
  2. DIYorBust

    Tube insulation size?

    I have 1-1/4 copper tubing in some parts of my heating system. Would this be the correct product? Am I right to assume I'm looking for 1-3/8 insulation for the 1-1/4 copper tubin? I'm looking at tubolit DGS13812...
  3. DIYorBust

    Are stainless steel fittings compatible with black steel?

    In a hot water heating system, can I use stainless fittings directly to ordinary steel threaded connections?
  4. DIYorBust

    NPT fitting doesn't quite fit in NPT tap!

    So this was a surprise. I have some radiators with four tappings. Normally two would be for flow and return and one would be used for an air vent, the fourth would be capped, but other configurations are possible. The manufacturer confirmed that the tappings are 1/2" NPT, and such NPT fitting...
  5. DIYorBust

    Hot water heating system pressure

    Why is my boiler pressure getting so high? I have a 2 pipe hot water system with baseboard convectors. We recently drained the system to install some additional radiators. I like to keep the pressure at around 25 psi, in this building the top floor is about 40ish feet above the boiler. However...
  6. DIYorBust

    Sweating quarter turn supply stops

    Short question, how can I sweat quarter turn supply stops without overheating and damaging them when they are so small? The full story: I want to replace some old leaky multi turn supply stops with quarter turns for a kitchen sink. They are sweated on and use hard supply lines to the faucet...
  7. DIYorBust

    Compression extension fitting

    So I'm installing a hot water steel radiator that is tapped for 1/2 inch bsp I but sold in the US market. It came with an adapter that converts it to conpression to attach the valves which are compression. In the UK, an extension piece is available...
  8. DIYorBust

    Replace expansion tank?

    My hot water heater has an expansion tank off its feed. The water supply is municipal with a prv. The other day I turned on the water heater when the house was about 50 degrees. I observed later water on the kitchen floor. It appears to me the water blew by the compression fittings on the sink...
  9. DIYorBust

    Exposed galvanized gas line

    We're running a BBQ gas line in galvanized pipe. The entire run is above ground, not buried, and galvanized is allowed by the code in NYC for this purpose, but not for buried pipe. Now my question is, should any additional steps be taken to prevent corrosion in the pipe? Would it benefit from...
  10. DIYorBust

    Side or Heel inlet 90 dry vent branch

    Any problem using a side or heel inlet quarter bend to attach a branch off a dry vent? All piping in this arrangement are dry vents above the flood rim but it's difficult to connect with a tee or wye in this spot. Thanks, DIY
  11. DIYorBust

    Wall mounted sink framing

    I'd like to safely install a wall mounted sink on a wall area approximately 24 inches wide that is flanked on all sides by by 1.5 inch cast iron plumbing vents so that blocking cannot reach the 2x4 studs unless it is drilled approximately 1.9 inches. Would it be acceptable to so drill the...
  12. DIYorBust

    Floor drain extension threads?

    I have two floor drains in a slab, but they are not the same drain, and the brands are unknown. I needed to extend the height of the drain strainers. On the first drain, this device fit perfectly: But on the second drain, the...
  13. DIYorBust

    Can vent be reduced in size for clearance?

    I know it sounds bad, but here's the deal. I have a 3 inch WC drain individual vented with 2-in pipe. The plumbers overdrilled a 2x4 stud to get the 2 inch through it. Well since it's a bearing wall at that point, it turns out this is creating a problem. A 1.5 inch pipe could pass the stud...
  14. DIYorBust

    Extend the sideways portion of side outlet tub waste?

    Picture below. Can I go further sideways, or am I limited to the 6 inches or so in the picture? Thanks! DIY
  15. DIYorBust

    Mystery pipe

    A cast iron pipe, looking to be 2 inches, runs to a remote area of the yard in my 1920s home. The pipe is about 6 inches below grade, as far as I can tell it doesn't carry any waste from the house at this time, but where it runs under a driveway and patio near the house I was unable to trace it...
  16. DIYorBust

    Eco Drake Fails to flush about 25% of the time

    I have a new eco drake that flushes correctly about 75% of the time, but sometimes the water fills up the bowl instead of going down. A second flush will typically initiate the siphon and get it going down. Since the toilet is new, I don't think the trapway is clogged, and we didn't see any...
  17. DIYorBust

    Ventless p-trap on storm drain that does not need trap?

    I have an odd situation. The plumber appears to have made a mistake on this project. A storm drain on a patio above a cellar is backpitched. It passes through an engineer approved drill out in a structural steel ibeam. The drain is backpitched in the section between the drain and the steel cut...
  18. DIYorBust

    Can I tilt a wye 45 degrees?

    Can I install a wye such that the straight part of the wye is at 45 degrees to vertical and the angled part of the wye point straight up? Thank you! DIY
  19. DIYorBust

    Garbage disposal with high drain

    I'm quite close to making it without having to lower the drain. From the bottom of the stub out to the bottom of the disposer discharge tube I have about 1.75 inches. It seems like some other forum members had luck making the trap with a low inlet j-bend. It seems like that could work. As...
  20. DIYorBust

    Venting an outdoor sink(No AAVs per code)

    Looking for a code compliant way to vent an outdoor sink in NYC. No AAVs are allowed. Can I just run the vent 6 feet up in the air and terminate it there? It's about 30 feet away from the building. Thanks, DIY
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