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    Help with installing outdoor outlets on new construction

    Question this shed home built on a slab?
  2. Kevin Crawford

    RMC Conduit Burried

    RMC is subject to rust...sooner or later. The question regarding code would be is it subject to physical damage? Car, tractor etc...or just a tripping hazard?
  3. Kevin Crawford

    Grounding to a cold water pipe?

    Most important is YOU should not be anything. It should be completed be a licensed contractor per article 250 NEC. Yes the NEC does allow as one of its grounding electrodes to be a metal water pipe in direct contact with the earth for 10' or more (not to rely on water meters). Concrete encased...
  4. Kevin Crawford

    120v Generator to power a home

    If you want to power from your RV generator thats fine... there are no short cuts or magic that you can create. Your 120 volt RV generator should be tested to see if it is Floating or Bonded neutral first so we know how to make the correct connections. Next we need to take into consideration...
  5. Kevin Crawford

    Terry, Don't know how to contact you direct. Question regarding professional input on...

    Terry, Don't know how to contact you direct. Question regarding professional input on your forum. Thanks Kevin Crawford EZ Generator Switch
  6. Kevin Crawford

    PH in well water related to depth

    I have a 3 year old 500' well with a static level of 70', We have methane, iron bacteria and a PH of 8.5/9.0 First, Here is my set up and what I do : (the local area all having lousy water...but it tastes good ) In this order> I have two filters, one spiral and 5 micron filter , chlorine...
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