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    Toilet flange above plywood after demo - new tile wont fit under it

    The alternative would be to cut the pipe, maybe use a tool like RamBit to chew out the pipe in a fitting, and replace it. Spacers are much quicker. If the top of the flange is too low, that can create issues, but often, a jumbo wax ring can resolve the issue. Depends on how low it is.
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    Floor leveler for OSB flooring?

    You could try this stuff Note, because of surface tension, a self-leveling material does NOT self needs help. Think pouring batter into a pan to make doesn't expand to fill the pan and like a water drop on...
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    Walk-in Shower Advice

    Are you planning a rain shower head or one with more velocity? You won't get much bounce of the spray with a rain shower, but it will be tougher to rinse say shampoo from your hair. You're required a minimum of a 24" opening into the shower, so you can use that as a guide. Not closing it off...
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    220 to 110 European outlet.

    THere was no reason to replace the existing CB. With a multi-wire branched circuit, you MUST turn both circuits off together. For your two 120vac circuits, you'd tie each one's neutral together, and one of the hot leads to each branch. 120vac is 'fake'...what you have coming in from the pole...
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    wired 120v heater to 240 thermostat

    In the OP's case, at the same wattage, a 120vac heater will have a lower internal resistance than the equivalent 240vac one, so it will be drawing double the power when accidentally connected to 240vac, which is why it smoked. P=IE. Double the voltage, double the power. That increased current...
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    Parallel Wires?

    I may lower the voltage drop on the run by functionally making the connection a heavier gauge wire. How long is that run?
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    Thoughts about Heat

    There are condensation clothes driers, but where electric rates are high, they may not be very cost effective. Dumping the outlet of a drier into a room that isn't a condensing one can be problematic...the outlet filters don't catch all of the smallest fibers, and that can be a health hazard...
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    Nest Thermostat Power Supply and Boiler Problem

    Solid-state switches like used in some thermostats will have an upper limit on the VA that can provide. Exceed that limit, and like overloading a fuse, you can burn them out.
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    Does toilet trapway size matter?

    Regardless of the small or full flush...the bowl can only hold enough such that the lower flush will fully evacuate the total volume with a dual-flush then have two choices...deeper, but narrower spot, or wider but shallower. The best designs get around some of that with the super...
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    Thoughts about Heat

    As a thought experiment, take a look at some food coloring, and a glass full of water. Think of the food coloring as heat. Put a drop into the glass of water. The darker the color (as in the bottle of food coloring is intense) the 'hotter' is is, it gets much less dense when you add it to the...
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    Thoughts about Heat

    One of the big things on WH over the last decade or so is the mandate that they contain more insulation to help limit the amount of heat needed that is lost to the room (i.e., not kept in the tank), so yes, if insulation added to a WH doesn't restrict things like the exhaust or intake on a gas...
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    Thoughts about Heat

    One concept that might help things make more sense...there is no such physical thing as cold...cold is a condition related to the absence of heat. Heat is quantifiable, cold is not. A thermometer measures the amount of heat. Heat moves in any of three ways, and often by more than one of them...
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    Recirculator pump question

    FWIW, in the city where I live, to pass any plumbing inspection with a WH, an expansion tank is required. Check your local codes. They also require a tempering valve to be installed. Depending on where the tank is, a vacuum relief valve might also be required. So, if I follow your...
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    Toilet bowl with large water surface area?

    While there is some flexibility on the shape of the water spot, with the US federal mandate (and some states as well) on the volume of water that can be used in a flush, considering that all of that water must be dumped, the size and volume of that water can't be very large. You can make it...
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    Bathroom Fan water leak

    You want the duct to slope down to the outside. In 24', ideally, you'd have 1/4" per foot, so 6" would need to go vertical for at least 6", then slope down to the outside to ensure whatever condensation that might accumulate flows out rather than back down into the ceiling. Plus, if...
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