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    Why does a toilet "burp"?

    Was it windy out?
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    Fill valve running on TOTO

    That is NOT a Korky product, and has no user replaceable parts that I'm aware of...if it's leaking, replace it with a new one. If you go with a TOTO one, it should come preadjusted. If you go with a Korky or Fluidmaster one, you need one that can be adjusted for the bowl/tank fill ratio...
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    Required to replace water heater, Florida Homeowners Insurance Companies are getting out of hand.

    There's a reason most WH have something like a 6-year warranty. Some are a bit longer, but not usually by much. While a WH can last lots longer (and often an electric one will beat a gas fired one), after the warranty, you're on borrowed time, so insurance companies are trying to minimize...
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    Use permeable PEX for potable water (DWH)

    PEX with an oxygen barrier costs more, but can be used for potable water.
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    3-Way Switches and Dimmers

    I'm not sure when the Maestro switches became available, but I put some in in 2000. Some switches just won't last long switching 1500W (three 500W bulbs). You'd want to get a heavy duty one. Keep in mind that if those lights are on for a long period of time (say overnight), that might...
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    Thinset on the face of porcelain tile and in grout lines

    It can be a real bear to clean thinset off after it has cured for a while. The longer you wait, the harder it is. The next morning, it won't be all that hard yet (relatively, anyways). It's hard to tell, but it looks like there may be a lot of lippage as well (tiled edges at different...
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    Fill valve running on TOTO

    At that time, many (not all) of the Drakes had a fill valve made by Korky for them. Go to the website and see if yours looks like the Korky Quietfill valve. The thing that wears out is the cap, and you can replace that in a few minutes without tools. Or, you can change the whole...
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    No condensate from Lennox AC

    My blower has been on since about 1987 and still going. It's a variable speed fan (16-speeds), so when it's not calling for heat or cool, it's barely on, but enough to keep the air from stratifying. Under maximum design day, ideally, the a/c would run continuously. As has been mentioned, the...
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    Strange Slime Building up in Toilet Tank and Bowl

    It may or may not clear up entirely. Depends on your water supply. I'd turn the water off, flush the toilet, clean out any remaining water, and clean the tank as best you can with something like Moldex, but just some dishwashing liquid and bleach may do it. It may be tough to clean the...
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    Hot Water recirculation - dedicated return line

    If you have a tempering valve, some of them have a port for recirculation. If you decide to use the drain port, consider changing the valve to a full-port ball will make draining and clearing out any sediment easier.
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    New water heater came with some water in it

    It's possible the tank was a return, and the original owner didn't drain it fully prior to returning it after deciding it didn't work, or had some other issues.
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    Water heater pressure relief leaks ONLY when bathtub in use

    The tank is likely full of water, that may or may not drain fully, so be prepared for it to drain when you try to take it off. Obviously, you want to remove the water pressure so it isn't flowing, but the tank may retain some water. Think holding your finger over the end of a straw...water...
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    Kerdi fix vs GE advanced silicon 2 (100% silicone)

    Schluter allows the use of the silicone to seal the Kerdi membrane to the tub. Thinset will stick to the KerdiFix probably better, but that may not be an issue. KerdiFix is a silane-based product that has zero VOCs, and is easier to clean up. Done well, either will work to provide the seal...
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    Toilet fill valve making continuous hissing sound

    That model has an easily replaceable seal assembly, costs about $3, but here's some help on verifying what's wrong. 98% of the time, that fixes the problem. Yes, you can replace the whole valve, but it rarely is needed...
  15. jadnashua

    What is the maximum height a toilet flange can be from the floor and still seal?

    As long as you have some wax between the toilet and the flange, you should be fine.
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