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Posted by hj on February 06, 2004 at 22:44:13:
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If this is your first one, then you need 3/4" nuts to put on the two bottom and upper left hand rods. Have them flush with the wall. Then 3/4" flat washers go over them to give a surface 1/16" from the wall surface. Mount the toilet using those three nuts tightened until the bowl is agains the flat washers. Then spin the upper right chrome acorn nut against the toilet and just turn it about an 1/8 of a turn further, no more.

: Thanks again hj! I really appreciate your help. Looks like I will have to do some running around to locate these washers, chrome nuts and gasket.

: : The nuts, washers, and outlet gasket come with the carrier fitting, not the toilet. You just use the end of the 4" nipple pressing against the gasket for a seal, which is why it has to extend the proper amount for your particular toilet.

: : : The urinal outlet is infact a 2" plastic nipple in the wall. The contractor didn't leave the chrome nuts or gasket. I have ordered new fixtures from a plumbing supply house and have asked them to include the manufacturers recommended gaskets for the bowl and the urinal. I am assuming that all mounting hardware will be included with the fixtures.

: : : I understand your instruction for the urinal connection. The urinal should not be a problem. I am still uncertain as to what kind of a fitting is used on the wall hung outlet. Is it a standard closet flange? Thanks for your help hj.

: :
: : : : The urinal has a screwed fitting that attaches to a nipple in the wall. If he used a glued plastic stub then you will have to find a plumbing supplier that sells the Oatey PVC bracket, either street/male or slip/female. The toilet stub should be unscrewed so that it extends about 3/8" from the wall. The toilet will give the exact dimension. Did he leave the chrome nuts, and outlet seal gasket?

: : : : : I am setting a wall hung urinal & wall hung bowl for the first time. The rough-in was performed by a contractor who was since run off the job.

: : : : : His rough-in includes a 2" outlet for the urinal and 4" outlet for the bowl. These outlet stubs are flush with the wall and capped off. The carrier frame is installed, all centers match the fixtures and flush valves. The rough-in has passed inspection.

: : : : : Now, what is the best way to go about making these outlet connections with the fixtures? Does some kind of a closet flange get attached to these stubs? What is the best type of gasket to seal these connections?

: : : : : Fixtures are Kohler (Kingston) Bowl and Kohler (Freshman) Urinal.

: : : : : I would appreciate it if any experienced commercial plumbers could help.

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