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Posted by chuck on January 27, 2004 at 07:41:05:
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: : i guess i was thinking more of any types of flooding that may come from the rain sewers. My basement would be the first place in if there were any overflow. that is at least what was suggested to me.

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: : : You want to install a shut-off valve to a drain pipe? Why? To prevent sewer gases during renovation???

: : : : I am in the middle of my basement bathroom project and someone has suggested a shut off valve in the 3" drain before it hits the stack. My house sits quite high from the road but i still thought the idea was good enough to explore. I was looking for a 4" shut off valve to install in the line if such an animal exists. Does it? is this a practice that is suggested? If it does exist does it exist in PVC?
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: You are thinking of a backwater valve. It is a check valve. They are required in my jurisdiction for most basement plumbing and have a sleeve to the top of the concrete floor for flapper repair or replacement. LonnythePlumber

thanks for the response

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