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About one year ago I installed three American Standard Champion toilets in a friends home, to replace three, cheap, builder installs. All three leak water from the tank and refill regularly and it's noisy. All three were installed within one degree level...what else would be pertinent to know? (The owner didn't register the toilets, so a warranty fix can't be pursued.) Is this a common problem? I've steered other folks away from the Champion model based on this experience and the fact that nobody I've asked (a plumbing supply store and a plumber) has an answer for what's wrong with the toilets. To replace a flush valve before one year seems absurd to me, but maybe there's a clue i'm not picking up on. Any ideas?
A. Kongslie  Wed, 18 May 2005

I have 2 of these toilets - one is not installed because the first one (installed 2 months ago) has broken. The spring within the 'piston' on the inside of the flush mechanism fell out when a plastic piece it was attached to inside the piston broke. There are no parts available and I am thoroughly disgusted with the whole thing. Unfortunately it is installed and needs repairs - any suggestions on how to make that happen?  V..S.French  Tue, 26 Apr 2005

American Standard Champion
made in Mexico

The elongated bowl projects 30-3/8" from the wall, longer then most bowls. If you have only a little space, there are more compact choices. 
The tank attaches with deep sockets, nothing easy here. The tank and bowl are heavy.  
The new  4"  flush valve is better then the tower it replaced.  Blisters are developing on the new seal. We are still waiting to see if hardware stores will carry parts for them.  

In December '05, we purchased the AS toilet model number 4260 (number can be found in tank). We followed the directions to install it...and then continued to tighten more than the directions said. We did this by having my husband push down on the tank while I tighten the bolts. This was the only was we could get the tank stung with the bowl. After a couple days the tank leaked a little and had to tighten it again. No more leak on that end. Than we have the clunk, I will try the advice given on this site about lowering the chain and let you know. We also have the problem with the water LEAKING/RUNNING. I called AS and they said they will send a new type of gasket that "does not leak", (their words, not mine). Should be here in 10-12 charge. Hope this fixes the problem. In the future I plan to buy a Koler, my brother-in-law just had them put in his home the same time we did ours. Its quiet, no leaks, and works the way its supposed to. If all else fails, i'm going to become a plumber, AS will keep them busy
"plumber-to-be-we'll-see"  Tue, 5 Apr 2005

A new flush valve came out in January 2004, however there are reports of bad ones in March of 2005.  

I installed 2 of these toilets, for a rental house. The clunk is terrible as is my huge water bill for the constant leaking from the seal which is constantly being re-seated by my plumber. The 1.6 gal flush was supposed to save me money, but now it has wasted 10 times what I thought that I would save. I think that I will just take them out and return them to Home depot for a different brand. Would'nt it be nice if American Standard paid for all of these plumbing installation costs. 
WD South Padre.  Sun, 3 Jul 2005

I wish I had read the reviews before I bought the Champion. The seal leaked from the first fill. The installer said it probably just didn’t seat properly but that it would after a few flushes. It never did seal, refilling itself every 15-20 minutes. The wasted water and the constant noisy refill for hours made me just turn it off. The tank completely emptied itself through the leaking seal after the shut off. American Standard was contacted and said they would not replace the toilet as "it was their most popular model". The lamest response I have ever heard from any manufacturer. I took copies of the complaints from this site to Home Depot and at least they stood behind their reputation and are replacing it with another brand. GDA, 4-26-2005

Yea! & Verily, it does not cloggy
But all the rest is at best doggy
Handle squeaks, no bushing on shaft
Red Seal leaks, too fragile for draft
Bead Chain breaks, just low cost junk
Waiting for rest of plastic parts to fail
Bring on the Class Action or
Better Business Refund

Donna  Sat, 25 Jun 2005

As a plumber who has been installing toilets for 25 years (that's a lot of toilets). I have been fairly unhappy with the way most 1.6 gallon toilets flush. The power assisted toilets seem to work well ,but have had there share of problems. I have installed the Kohler toilets with a some what similar design. They are better than the average toilet, but no miracle. I think the Champion is a good step in the right direction. As with most things there will be improvements as time reveals the problems missed in production. One thing I always look for in a toilet is a large surface area full of water .To help absorb the need for an extreme rinse of the bowl after a bowel movement. Which is hard to find in a 1.6 gallon toilet. In defense of American Standard. I have had the experience that they stand behind their products .In order to have a great flush with 1.6 gallons of water .It will be hard to move it through the bowl with out making noise .Also remember that your success may be less than someone who install toilets on a regular basis.  aquastatt  Wed, 22 Jun 2005

We bought an American Standard Champion toilet - model 4260 with the new improved flush valve last year. It worked for several months but has begun leaking, the orange gasket on the valve comes loose every other flush. I didn't learn this until I got my water bill (which was almost double its normal $50). The toilet is in my son's bathroom and he just let it run. Needless to say, he now knows how to reattach the gasket, but it is a pain in the butt to do it every other flush. I called Home Depot and was told that I had to call American Standard to get a replacement gasket. I am not pleased.
Susan, June 19, 2005

Our office building in Tampa, Florida has three Champion toilets. All three are horrible! Lots of hype in American Standard advertising - the guy running to get the plunger. In the end, and in actual use - the Champion is the most disappointing toilet I have ever used. It doesn't overflow because it's the shortest flush since Thomas Crapper invented the darned thing. What happened to the day when American-Standard meant something?  J. Smart  Tue, 14 Jun 2005

After 18 months of use, this is the best toilet I have ever installed and used! I have not had to use a plunger or brush since installation. I am impressed with the power of the flush and how well the bowl rinses. I will get another one for my other bathroom. I highly recommend this toilet for everyone.<

The only problem I had with installation was getting the tank to seat on the platform, the tank to bowl gasket is a little too thick. I never did get the tank to the platform; just tighten down to get an even gap. I had to replace one bolt gasket that started leaking because of over tightening.

Parts are available if you ever need them:
J, Overton  Mon, 6 Jun 2005

I too have the same problem. I installed AS Champion toilet about six months ago. Beside it's noisy, flush seal (red rubber gasket) is always came off and caused water leaking to toilet blow. The worse part is, I cannot find this seal anywhere, not at home depot or at lowes. 

Terry, our toliet did the same thing! My wife was able to repair the problem with crazy glue. It has been working fine for over a month. Good luck and keep flushing. 
 J. Salazar  Wed, 01 Jun 2005

I am having the exact same problem. In the owners manual it shows a replacement parts list which includes the flush valve assembly (part 3175.002-0070A). I plan to call American Standard and ask them about the problem and how I get the part replaced. It is the weekend so I need to call them next week.
Have you had any luck getting your problem resolved?
  R. Pentz Sat, 28 May 2005

can't push the handle fast,, it skips by with no flush, must push handle slow to make it grab for a flush,  Mon, 16 May 2005  r. knoll

We had three of these toilets installed in January 2004 and have had nothing but trouble ever since. They leak constantly, AS sent three replacement tanks and they lasted about 1 month before they too started leaking. The only good thing is i'm keeping fit constantly running to stop the leaks. I am going to call AS again, my husband just wants to buy new toilets, so far they have cost us close to $1500 for the toilets, plumbers and excess water bills.

Breege, MI  Mon, 23 May 2005

The last straw is this slow leak between the bowl and tank. The AS Champion is about the poorest excuse for a product I have ever owned. Believe me, it is going to the junk yard, and I will NEVER buy another AS product as long as I live! I have had the AS Champion for about 6 months, and have had nothing but trouble with it, and it has the "new, improved flush valve". I have suffered through loose tank to bowl fittings, flush tower sticking, rocking tanks and the "clunk" and even through all that, I thought I could live with the Champion because it does have a fast and good cleaning flush (even though the clunk is bad at night). AS should really do the right thing and recall this piece of junk, and replace the flush tower with a good old reliable larger flapper like other manufacturers use! My biggest problem is that the rubber washer (thats about all you can call it) on the so called "new and improved flush tower" gets knocked out of its flush tower grove sometimes by the forceful fall of the tower. Boy, someone should take a lesson from other toilet manufactures and should go back to the old "flapper". Anyway, this causes a slow leak between tank and bowl (see below). I have to re seat the rubber ring into the grove on the flush tower, and that fix will last, oh, maybe, 6 days, at most! 
John Kimble Sun, 08 May 2005

This toilet is driving us crazy with its leaking and so is American Standard. I ordered a replacement ring from them April 4. They say it was shipped the 7th. We still haven't received it. I wish I could ship this toilet back to them. If the ring ever arrives and works I will let you know. In the mean time I say to anyone thinking of purchasing the toilet--DON't. 
D. Wilson April 25, 2005

I bought three Champions while building my new townhouse. I am so disappointed with them and plan to replace them. My issue is the loud CLUNK. I tried lengthening the chain - no change. I also called AS and they had the nerve to say that they had never heard anyone else complain about such a noise. If anyone is going to start a class action suit I will join in in a heart beat. TOTO toilets, here I come!!!! 
C. Williams  Tue, 26 Apr 2005

I have a sneaky hunch that this toilet will either be totally redesigned or discontinued by American Standard based on consumer dissatisfaction. I have owned one for just about a year now, and I hate using it. One flush WILL remove all solid waste like they claim, BUT… takes at least two and sometimes three more flushes to remove the remaining bits and pieces broken up by the powerful flush, or the marks left on the bowl surface due to very little rinsing action during the flush. The entire flush process takes less than a second, so it is rare that the bowl gets rinsed properly. The tank top is curved, so nothing sits flat on it. The toilet seat bolts are ridiculously hard to get at, and after a few years it will probably be near impossible to remove the seat without a hacksaw and a lot of cursing. The noise of the flush tower slamming down is extremely loud compared to other toilets which use the flapper designed flush valve, and it wakes up everyone in the house at night. AND HERE’S ANOTHER WARNING: If you have an adjacent toilet which drains into a common waste pipe, you may wind up flushing both toilets at once! The Champion flushes so fast that it creates a vacuum in the adjacent bathroom which sucks the water out of the bowl. I think if you read the comments here, you will see that I am not the only person who dislikes this bowl. In my opinion, American Standard has a lemon on their hands. 
R.A.C. Sun, 03 Apr 2005

All the posts are true......The flush valve on the toilet that I purchased in August is not working and American Standard will only replace the seal, and not pick up the labor. What more, the parts are not sold at retail or provided to plumbers so two service calls have to be made. One to find out the toilet leaks and I have to order from American Standard, and the second to get the seal installed.

I am going to follow up with Home Depot and with the Better Business Bureau to get some relief.
P. Lang  Fri, 01 Apr 2005

I bought an American Standard Champion toilet four months ago, taking at face value an American Standard advertisement in a popular weekly magazine. I was particularly impressed by the claims that the toilet was “Quiet”, “Fast” and “Clean”.

Here are my impressions thus far:

Quiet? Relative to what ? a jackhammer? The flush valve comes down with such a loud clunk that it can be heard from one end of our house to the other; and it’s not a small house. Just great for light sleepers whose friends or spouses have to use the toilet in the middle of the night!

Fast and Clean? Depends on your viewpoint. It flushes so fast and so violently that it breaks up semi-solid waste and leaves pieces behind, which means waiting for it to fill to flush it again. It also does not rinse long enough to clean the bowl surface of waste, which also
requires an additional flush. I would say that about 25% of the time another flush is required to clean the bowl properly. To me this is unacceptable, and a waste of water.  The water surface area in the bowl is so small that often stool is not immersed in the water but rather hung up on the sides of the bowl, markedly increasing the odor in the room.

The tank doesn't bolt down to the bowl properly. If you dare follow the instructions that tell you to tighten the tank until it meets the bowl, it will crack for sure. To avoid a wobbly tank, it had to be shimmed and tightened onto the shims. Bad design.

The lid of the tank is rounded on top, so anything you put there will eventually end up on the floor.

Every time I look at or use this piece of junk I am galled by American Standard’s deceptive advertising and wish someone would bring a class
action suit against them.


Jack Schmidt

Just had a American Standard Champion put in my NJ home. Flushing seems okay and then the tank fills up okay. Now the problem. The seal doesn't seem to work correctly and every few minutes you hear the tank filling with water. At night it really is a pain as my bed is near the bathroom. The plumber was back but unable to fix the problem. What do I do? Burt H,  10/4/2004

Installed a Champion in January, 2004, and like it except for the constant leak from the tank to the bowl. Some days the leak stops; other days nothing I do can make it stop leaking. Having the tank refill at night is a pain, so I have been turning off the water supply during night hours. Is there a way to stop the leak??
I am at wits end about this purchase and kick myself several times a day and twice as much at night for wasting my money.
T. E. Wallace,  Glenmoore, PA. 10/9/2004

I installed this toilet myself about 6 days ago and so far it performs as well as expected. You use flush...SWISHHH...CLUNK ...GONE...and in about 8 seconds it's ready to go again. For a toilet that is gravity fed the flush is very powerful. I purchased the updated model with the newly designed valve, so I have not had any problems with the toilet running. The only drawback so far is the unusual but brief CLUNK sound you hear after flushing. I contacted AS about the CLUNK sound thinking something may be wrong with unit and they assured me it was normal. To be honest, 'd rather deal with the semi-annoying CLUNK sound of this powerful, efficient, one flush toilet than deal with the sonic VAVOOOOM of those pressure assist toilets that scare the hell out you when you flush. (My kids refuse to flush the pressure assist toilet at my in-laws because they are afraid of getting sucked in!) It's also better than dealing with a toilet that clogs often and needs a few encore flushes to rid bowl of solid waste.

Now, to those of you that have been experiencing a leaky gasket between the tank and the bowl...the tank bolts are too loose!! TIGHTEN THE BOLTS SLOWLY ALTERNATING BACK AND FORTH UNTIL TANK PROPERLY RESTS ON BOWL PLATFORM! The tank will not crack - the rubber gasket gives a lot more than you think. It took me a while, but I did get the tank to make proper contact with bowl.

It's a very good toilet for under $250.
R. Perrone  Mon, 20 Dec 2004

I am aggravated to admit I am another owner with a leaking flush valve seal. I am removing it tomorrow and returning it to Home Depot to exchange for something else. I understand that a newer model may fix the leaking problem but I do like to sleep at night and don't want to be bothered by the CLUNK! Thank you for your feed back.  
W. Powell  Tue, 28 Dec 2004

Its as easy as making the chain on the flush tower as long as possible, then the tank "flapper" or whatever they call it won't be released when the handle is fully depressed.
As an added bonus you can flush the hole tankful. I think i could flush my sisters Yorkie.
Then when you release the handle, no clunk cuz theres no water momentum or pressure to slam it closed.
Hopes this helps others, couldn't stand my champion til i modded it.
BTW if you still want the low volume flush, just adjust the float and fill valve down until you feel environmentally friendly.
David E  Thu, 30 Dec 2004

I made the mistake of purchasing two of the American Standard toilets 6 months ago from Home Depot. The toilets flush great but the flush valve seal keeps leaking water from both toilets. I have taken them off several times but their is nothing wrong with the seal except maybe the material is too fragile for the amount of force...Another concern was trying to keep the toilet seats tight, but because of the design underneath it is almost impossible to get your fingers or some kind of socket on the nut. I think I am going to call Home Depot and see if I can take the toilets back. This valve seal not letting the toilet retain water is a major problem...  
R. French Sat, 1 Jan 2005

After only three months use, this is the worst product I have ever seen. The water from the tank leaks into the bowl, causing a huge water bill. Every plumber we have spoken with refuses to work on them. It seems we spent a lot on something we are having to replace after a few months. Our old American Standard toilet lasted 23 years with a minimum of repairs. We are very disappointed.
Jody H.  Mon, 3 Jan 2005

Champion? Not yet sure but it is the "right height" for my family (part number 2002.012).

Install was easy enough. Tank was difficult to fully seat against the bowl stops but I did this slowly and carefully and the tank did not crack. I also took extra care to verify bowl and tank were both level hoping to avoid leaky flush tower seal (as your previous contributors identified).

Guess what, the seal began leaking after the third trial flush. Not a problem if the unit was two years old, but this thing was less than two hours old.

Since nothing my family puts in this toilet resembles 24 golf balls (in mass or density) I was not motivated to purchase based on those advertisements. What caught my attention was the new design of the seal. Many articles praised this design and I thought it would be better, hard or soft water.

My original toilet was inefficient, low to the floor, consumed a lot of water, and forever needed a flap seal and water inlet tower even after installing an in-line water filter. That toilet was 55 years old so I overlooked these inconveniences.

I contacted the American Standard support center and, after answering a few questions, they are sending me a replacement seal. I am concerned I purchased an on-going maintenance drain rather than a never plunge, efficient, commode. Do I get free flush tower seals for the next ten years (the advertised warranty)?

Time will tell, but first impressions are lasting ones. I sure hope the new seal I am getting has been redesigned to last longer than three flushes.
Mindy  Tue, 4 Jan 2005

I replaced my old toilet with an American Standard Champion toilet about 5 months ago at my plumbers suggestion. I was extremely pleased with the toilet until I started running while I was on Vacation (I am expecting a huge water bill). It was the same defective flush valve that everyone else mentions. My plumber was originally going to replace the tank but changed his mind because of all of the problems he had been having with these toilets. He replaced it with a Briggs toilet today. He told me that he would no longer be recommending this toilet to his customers because of all of the problems with this toilet. Shame on American Standard for putting this defective product on the market. I will never purchase another American Standard product. 
 T. Worthington  Mon, 10 Jan 2005

I have this Champion toilet and am not happy at all. I have the so called improved rubber band flush valve seal and it leaks constantly. I thought it was an alignment problem with the flushing mechanism itself but I have adjusted the linkage to the handle in every conceivable position with no substantial results. The flimsy seal is simply not substantial enough to return to a neutral position. I am about ready to either fabricate my own seal or replace the toilet. A shame because flush force to water consumption ratio is the best I've seen.
D.  Hauenstein  Sat, 22 Jan 2005

We bought an American Standard Champion toilet, and within a few months, the connection between the two parts of the flush tower BROKE. We went to Home Depot to get a replacement part, and got a toll free number for American Standard. American Standard doesn't sell parts for this toilet, because they are so deluded, they believe that they don't break. We waited for several weeks while they shipped out a new tank. We didn't need a tank. We just needed a silly plastic part. What a waste of time and money! Our toilet was broken for about a month. Be aware, before you buy this toilet, that if it breaks, it will stay broken for a long time.
JT Knapp  Sat, 22 Jan 2005

I just installed a Champion toilet-here are my findings. This toilet flushes very well. It does produce a loud clank during the flush cycle. I have not had any problem with leakage from the tank to the bowl. The "flapper valve" problem has been fixed in later produced models. The problem with the tank not setting securely on the bowl can be fixed by continuing to tighten the bolts with a deep set wrench. You must continue to do this until the tank makes ceramic to ceramic contact with the bowl in the front. I believe the installation instructions are somewhat misleading on this point and therefore people stop tightening way too soon. I believe after a few more weeks to try this toilet out I will probably continue to replace my other toilets with Champion toilets. Thanks  C. Zucker  Mon, 24 Jan 2005

We purchased an American Standard Champion toilet from Home Depot in December 2003. Immediately after installation, I contacted Champion Customer Service at American Standard to question the unusual stiffness of the flush handle—and enormous pressure required to flush it, difficult for an elderly person to flush. I was told it was normal given the design of the valve, and nothing could be done about it. I was told that the ADA requirements apply only to the height of the toilet, and not to the strength required to flush the toilet.  Two months later, the flush tower broke suddenly mid-flush, late at night. This was our only downstairs toilet, with our elderly parent having had surgery that same day, unable to get to another one. Two minutes before closing time, a kind-hearted Home Depot manager actually drove a tank to our house. We then had to call plumber and pay after-hours installation fees to make the swap as an emergency. Note: Although the new tank works, it leaks and refills every half  hour. American Standard ignored all our calls and letters asking for a definitive fix/replacement. We finally resorted to the Better Business Bureau, and got not an apology, not a fix—but a check only for the cost of the toilet saying that cashing it wiped out any further duty to us. I will never buy another American Standard product again. A class action suit may be the only way to force them to get their act together. G. DELTA  Sun, 30 Jan 2005

There is a method to make this a fabulous toilet - read complete review. I replaced an old toilet with the American Standard Champion elongated toilet about a year ago when I remodeled a powder room.  It flushed well, and I really liked the way the tank to bowl seam is elevated, making that area very easy to keep clean. I also like the "Comfort Height", and think all toilets should be made this way. 

 It flushed all of the big chinks first time, every time, but occasionally left some small material behind, requiring a second flush. so for #1, you use one flush, for #2 you need two. This seems to be a common complaint about low flow toilets.  A couple months ago, it developed a run-on leak (water seeping around the flush valve). I called American Standard for a new gasket, since it was not available at Home Depot. The American Standard Service Rep told me the 10 year worry free warranty included the gasket, and shipped me 2 ( I suggested 2 instead of one, so I would have a spare on hand). It arrived by US mail in a couple of days.  When I replaced the gasket, I reconnected the chain, which connects the flush tower to the flush handle, to a different link on the chain, making the tower to lever distance slightly greater. I was very pleased to find that I have bypassed the automatic drop mechanism for the flush tower - allowing me to get a real, old fashioned, Niagara Falls type flush when I needed it. Just hold the handle down, and FLUSH - everything is gone! 

 Evidently, the flush tower release mechanism is based on the height of the flush tower when pulled up by the flush lever. If you lengthen the chain, you never reach this trip height, so you can let the whole tank full of water go if you want to. From a human standpoint, pressing and releasing the flush handle in a normal manner releases as much water as the automatic release mechanism does. This is just fine for flushing #1 and most #2 needs. If you hold it down, just a second would do, you get way more and can flush just about anything.

Added benefit, the increased amount of water washes down the inside of the bowel better.

Now, I don't know about the legality of this method, but if you have to double pump to clean out the bowel, you're using 3.2 gallons, not 1.6. So, I think my method, in the real world, saves water.
Paul L    Sat, 19 Feb 2005

Purchased the one-piece at Lowe's. The inner mechanics of the one-piece are different from the two piece. Well the plumber and I hooked it up and guess didn't flush. We made the necessary adjustments, called the customer technician line and no luck. So out it went, back to Lowe's. They offered to pay my plumbing costs if I buy another Champion. What would you do? I was so disappointed. American ingenuity?
Michael P  Mon, 21 Feb 2005

I, like several other customers have had the problem of the seal in the bottom of the tank come off and the water running for days while away from home. I love the action even though the water level in the bowl seems to be a little shallow. American Standard should be able to come up with a fix for this problem after coming out with a product that works so good most of the time I can see what they need to do. I know my opinion can't be that far off because if they would come up with another way to attach the sealing ring on the bottom of the valve the problem would be solved.
Joann H, Thu, 10 Mar 2005

We had a Champion toilet installed during a bathroom remodel in Aug 2004. We have had nothing but problems since. One thing that I have not seen listed in the remarks is that the handle gets stuck and doesn't go back up and the water runs out continually. Family members have learned to fix it by removing the lid and manually putting the plastic tube down. Wiggling the handle doesn't work. When guests use our bathroom we have to check it so that the water doesn't run profusely. i'm ready to take action and make a fuss with American Standard.
Gloria,  Tue, 22 Mar 2005

Despite the negative comments on the Amer. Std. Champion, I installed two of them. No problem with unusual noise or anything else. The flush lever does require a very specific press, a quick jab does nothing, a slow one sometimes also fails. You must press firmly and hold for a second. The bowl clearing action is awesome!
Mark, Sun, 27 Mar 2005

I bought a Champion last November ('04). I thought I was going to get paid back pretty quickly from the water savings, but last week I noticed water dripping from the tank. I called my plumber, who has been super to me for 7 years, and told him the brand new toilet was dripping. I was assuming the guy who'd installed it had been in a hurry. He arrived and mumbled about the "darn channel bolts," which he said were a pain.

After he left there was one flush without the loud clunk, then it went back to clunking as usual. I am hesitant to lengthen the chain as some are urging to get rid of the clunk because it seems you sacrifice the water conservation: that is why I got the darn thing in the first place.

Today I noticed that there is a steady drip inside the bowl (on the left side, just as the drip from the outside of the tank was on the left side). Is this the famous gasket problem?

Should I order a pair of gaskets?

Does American Standard pay plumbing bills? When the plumber comes to install the gasket, I will have paid for three housecalls since mid-November.
E. Nobbe  Sun, 20 Mar 2005

Yikes.  I thought I would look for tips on my leaky Champion and I've just read a bunch of horror stories from other consumers. I bought 2 Champion toilets 4 months ago, and 1 week ago one of them developed the dreaded leak. I thought it was just a case of adjusting a screw or something and was looking for some advice, obviously not!! It is a pity because I like the toilet, I bought it for it's flush factor. After causing $10,000 of damage due to a poor flushing conventional toilet, this appealed to me and I wasn't disappointed but this hereditary problem has given me some cause for concern. 
Malcolm  Mon, 28 Mar 2005

We also purchased three American Standard "Champion" toilets to replace three constantly stopped up toilets that were installed in our new custom built home 6 years ago.

We saw the TV ad that showed golf balls being flushed down the Champion and heard the claim of quiet flush. Yes, the flush is quiet but the flushing mechanism is LOUD as hell. It's very embarrassing for guests and other users who must flush the toilet. People are wakened at night from others flushing a toilet that is 60 feet away!! A phone call to American Standard discovered there was no fix for the noise which is first a loud "clunk" followed by a louder "crash".

Recently, one of the flushing mechanisms failed and a call to A S revealed that the mechanism cannot be be replaced and a whole new tank with mechanism inside would have to be installed. No mention who would pay for the installation. We assume that A S will send us a new tank each time a flushing mechanism fails for the next ten years. After that WE will have to pay for each failure plus plumbers time. What a rip off!!! There are other defects I haven't mentioned for brevity.

Our son, on seeing our problem and needing a new toilet, bought a Kohler toilet that flushes just as well as the Champion and is very quiet.

We were suckered by that American Standard TV ad. Do you suppose that ad was run so A S could dump a bunch of badly designed toilets? The person(s) who approved of the engineering should have been fired!!!
Norman J. Borgman  Mon, 25 Apr 2005

The new Champion 4 flush valve is on the right. 
It replaces the old 3" tower.  The outlet is still 3", but now marketing gets to claim 4"
Letting the water go through too fast, is not always good though. 

We are starting to see blisters develop on the Champion 4 seal.  
If you need replacements, call American Standard. 
Hardware stores don't carry repair parts for the American Standard Champion. 

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