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Map testing for the CST744S is 900 grams.
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"After one year of living with a plunger, I replaced both of my toilets with the Toto Drake model. What a relief that this problem in my house is permanently solved. The toilets were easy to install, and never, never any clogs. Thank you, Terry, for your invaluable web site."
Brian Austin  Mon, 21 Mar 2005

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Toto CST744S toilet

I would have never thought I'd have given so much thought to "toilets"!. But I have. My knees are becoming troublesome, so I had a plumber out yesterday to do an estimate on an ADA. He recommended the Toto Drake. After browsing Consumer Reports ratings and doing a Google search and coming across your site, I immediately called and scheduled an installation for this morning. It sits very comfortably, is easy on the knees, flushes complete and remarkably fast, and has an almost no-noise refill. Amazing. KBNiteOwl 10/7/2004

Thanks for recommending the Toto Drake.

When we remodeled our main bathroom in 1999, we had to install our first 1.6gal toilet. That terrified us. We didn't want the deafening noise, splashing mess or streaks & spots we saw with other low-flow toilets. And, reflush after every use to clear the bowl? What a waste. And we certainly didn't want to live with a plunger next to the bowl.

After reading your advice, we installed a Toto Drake Elongated bowl toilet in August 1999. It took us a few weeks to get used to the quick, quiet flush, thinking that it wouldn't meet our needs.

We were gratefully surprised. The toilet is regularly used by our family and serves as the guest bath when we have gatherings. In the last 5 years, I can remember only one time that I've had to find the plunger. That was after my 9 yr-old niece, who (no exaggeration) tends wad about a quarter of a roll of TP.

We're planning another bathroom addition and will purchase another Toto Drake. Thanks for your advice.  D. & K. Taylor 10/1/2004

About 9 months ago we remodeled our main bathroom and bought a one piece American Standard toilet. It looks nice but clogs up 2 or 3 times a week with solid waste. After finally being fed up, my wife and I went to Lowes and talked to their so called toilet expert. After explaining our flushing problems the guy looked at us and stated that he has never heard of a problem like that before. So much for his expert help!

I came home and started doing some research on the internet and came across into your site. Boy did I find out everything that I needed to know about toilets!! Based on your site test report and user comments, we decided to buy a Toto Drake and we couldn't be happier with our choice. It flushes very quickly and efficiently, has a large water surface area, and is quiet to boot.

Through your site I was able to find out all of the information I needed to know about what makes a good toilet work, so I could make an informed decision to make a purchase, thank you very much for all your effort!!!
David Farber, homeowner
Tue, 28 Dec 2004

Inside the Toto Drake tank.  

Comes with a 3" flush valve.

Toto is the tops
I found your site via searches on the web, and because you liked the Toto line, bought four (4) Drake elongated bowl models to replace the crappy Crane Plumbing models that the builder of my house probably got for nothing. I have experienced constant plugging and incomplete flush problems with these things since the house was new. What a difference the Drake's have made. It took me a few days to get used to the quick and sudden flush, in fact, my first reaction was that something was wrong with the bowl or valve because I thought the flush was rather weak. Having seen and experienced it in action for a few days, I now know that this is worlds apart from what I had before.

 Your site has much good information, and now when people open up and admit they too have flush problems, I tell them to visit your site and, ahem, come over and experience the Toto for themselves. L Wong  Mon, 10 Jan 2005

I recently purchased and installed a Toto Drake (Elongated bowl) in my home. I made my purchase decision based on your website and the many reviews I read. So far, we are VERY impressed with this toilet, and the power of the flush action. Thanks, and I love your site! -Andrew Poziomka Halifax, NS , Canada  
Sat, 15 Jan 2005

We bought this house in November, 2003 and found the Eljer toilets that were in the house did nothing but clog. We nearly wore out two plungers. After doing much research, mainly on this website, I bought two Toto toilets, CST744S and I think the problem is solved. I bought them at Auburn Winnelson in Auburn, Al. I drove about 70 miles, one way, to get them. Since Friday, when they were installed, we have had no trouble. Why anyone would buy anything else is beyond me. Freeman Porter  Mon, 17 Jan 2005

The installation last night (Friday Night Fun) of the Drake was very easy. It took about an hour from removing the old 1957 vintage to the new Drake. I agree with all the other comments such as the "Home to the 3 Sec Flush" that will "Flush a pig thru a straw."
Randy - Fort Collins CO.  Sat, 22 Jan 2005

I am please to report that the Toto Drake w/ SanaGloss that I purchased from you, has been installed. We can not be more pleased with the result. Now we have two Toto Drakes installed in our home... what will we do with the plungers?

Thanks for the CD of your son's band. my daughter has it in her car.  E. Hayes

Terry - I am forever in your debt for your web site. We started shopping for a new toilet after my poor husband was stuck snaking out our toilet every day for about 2 weeks (after becoming pregnant things just didn't go down as easily...). Our existing toilet was an early low flow of an unknown brand. We only have 1 bathroom in our house so finding a toilet that would stay in working condition was a top priority. After much research my husband and I settled on a Toto Drake and couldn't be happier. We can safely say that this toilet has been put to the toughest test and has come out with flying colors. I give the Drake a high grade despite clogging it twice in the 3 months we've had it. I can attest that this is the easiest toilet to plunge. It hardly takes any effort since the plunger fits into the toilet bowl like a glove. We have many family & friends that will be installing Toto Drakes into their own homes after visiting our house. We would have never known about this toilet without this web site - thank you Terry! 
P Freeze  Sat, 19 Feb 2005

We built a house several years ago and unfortunately we installed two Crane toilets. Just too frustrating for words. (Trust me. Anything can stop a Crane!) We did some research and found your webpage. The owner comments sold us on Toto.

We live in rural SE Ohio, so we drove to Columbus -- the nearest dealer, bought two Drakes and had them installed the first of this month. They have performed flawlessly. We highly recommend Toto. ( And don't leave the store without those soft close seats.) Say goodbye to plungers, lids slamming and splashy flushes. These toilets really work as described. They are well worth the price.
RA in OH  Wed, 23 Feb 2005

Thank you very much Terry for your review of the Toto Drake. After reading about the Drake and reading everyone's positive comments, I put the plunger away and purchased 2 Toto Drakes. It has been two weeks and my whole family is extremely pleased! They are fast, quiet and efficient. I am convinced by the powerful and thorough flush that the odds of me plunging again are very slim. My wife and I were plunging almost daily for the last 2 years. Incredible! No one should hesitate to purchase the Drake. A pressurized toilet is not necessary. Thanks again, The Sagnor Family  Thu, 29 Sep 2005

It has been three years since I installed one in my first floor bathroom. This toilet has been absolutely trouble free. Much thanks to your website. I’ve comeback to assess your reviews again as it is time to change out another 3.5 gal flush toilet upstairs. It will definitely be another Toto.
A very happy Drake owner from Southern Chester County PA  Fri, 19 Aug 2005


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