Secureall Tar sticks' for cast iron pipe repair?
Posted by Jarrod on August 28, 2001 at 17:24:39:
I have an old cast iron / lead wrap DWV system (circa 1945) that is for the most part still in real good shape. The exception is about a half dozen small holes in various places on the side feed that goes off to the lav and tub. There are little rust cones protruding at these spots that resemble small ant hills. I have talked with my plumber (retired 46 years industrial sector) who does not think the pipe needs to be replaced.

He said that he used to use something called 'secure-all" (not sure of spelling) which is a tar stick. They would wire brush / grind the place requiring repair, heat it up with propane, and then push the tar stick into the area. He does not have any of this stuff, nor has he been able to find it in years.

Does anyone know what this stuff is? Is it still available? And if so, where can I acquire it.