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Posted by Philip Hughes on February 02, 19101 at 15:38:32:
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As you will find out by reading, you will need to turn of the water and drain the pipe before soldering. The pipe should be dry. To remove any moisture after draining I have read that you can put a small piece of bread in the end to absorb the moisture. When you turn the water on the bread disolves. You might want to remove the strainer on the faucet beforehand to aviod clogging it.


: Casman,

: Thanks for the help, I'll tackle it this weekend. Wasn't sure about soldering with water in the pipe though, had heard not to do that but I'm sure it's done often by those "qualified". Thanks again for the tips.


: : Buy a how to book first, then the flux, solder and small propane tank. Essentially, you clean the copper end(sand so its shiney) also sand the inside of the valve, lightly flux both the outside of the copper pipe then the inside of the valve, then extend out a length of solder say 8 inches so you dont burn yourself while checking it, heat up the copper pipe, when solder flows ie melts gently push it around the fitting and your done. Takes less than 1 minute, but buy a how to plumbing book and don't set the house on's easy...good luck

: : : At the rate you are going, $100 may be cheap considering the time, energy, material, and frustration you are using.

: : : : Hello,

: : : : I am in the process of replacing a shutoff valve under the kitchen sink. The straight hard copper pipe comes thru the floor from the basement and under the sink. There is a shutoff valve there that is leaking. I have cut the pipe with cutter and tried to use a 1/2 inch compression type fitting valve but with no luck, it still leaks. I tried both hand tight then a 1/4 turn but no luck. Then I tried a new fitting with brass ferrel nut (bought 2 at store just in case) and tried to tighten with wrench as much as possible, again still leaking. I also used 120 grit sandpaper to clean the pipe and an end pipe cleaner to make sure of a clean pipe. Seems to me that maybe I'm not getting an exact "straight" fit and maybe the cause of the leak.

: : : : I am thinking of buying a sweat valve and putting that in place but not sure on how exactly to solder together using heat and flux. Please advise as to the best way to go about this as this is turning into more work than I want but the $100 quote for local plumbers to do it makes me ill!

: : : : Sorry for the book, figured the more detail the better,
: : : : BIG BLUE

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