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Posted by Mad Plumber on July 26, 19100 at 03:52:00:
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Never, I mean Never flush a pencil down a toilet. If you never flush pencils down the toilet, you will never have to remove them from them upper out of sight regions that man should never see. Pencils, toys, makeup pens should be placed in the dang waste basket by the side of the toilet. I like how Alan broke the pencil with a screwdriver. I wished I had done that on the last one. Dang! I threw away the bowl because I couldn't pull it out. I kinda wunder how many slow toilets are slow and pluggy because there are so many pencils and toys stuck in peoples toilets! Mad Plumber

: : I am lead to believe a toy is stuck in side the toliet. It overflows when flushed, due to blockage in toliet. I have plunged and snaked the toliet in vain and the effort has gotten me nowhere. Is there any secret methods to removing objects that are lodged in the deep bowels of a toliet? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

: : Thanks

: Had similar situation, continued closet auger attempts did not resolve. Finally my son admitted dropping an eraser into the toilet. When asked what type of eraser, he replied "the type that goes on the end of a pencil". Obviously this would not clog a toilet, so I asked if a pencil was attached. The answer was yes. I had to remove the toilet, turn it upside down and use a long screwdriver to snap the pencil in half, it was completely jammed in the upper bend of the trap and would not free without being broken up.

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