Alderwood Water & Wastewater District, Snohomish County
Spokane County and the City of Spokane

Great news! There may be a great rebate program in your area.  If you are thinking of replacing an old toilet of 1.6gpf or higher with an
 H.E.T (High Efficiency Water Sense Toilet), Watersense

You may be able to get a rebate with Alderwood if that is your water district.   The deadline is 12/31/201 Here are some links to more information.  Also if you have any questions regarding this program or to order more toilets reply to this email or call us at

425-806-5683 Bothell
425-649-5683 Bellevue
1-877-808-5683 Toll Free

Order your Watersense toilet in the greater Seattle area

Bellevue, Covington, Issaquah, Kirkland, Redmond, Sammamish, Skyway, Spokane, Tukwilla

Let your friends, Family and the whole neighborhood know!  

Toilets from Terry Love Plumbing

Alderwood Water & Wastewater District

Toilet Rebate information for Alderwood
Toilet rebate questions for Alderwood

Toilet Rebates for Spokane

Spokane Water Smart

Consumer Report on the new toilets


WaterSense Toilets for Rebate
TOTO Aquia CST412MF.10 10" Rough New
TOTO Aquia CST416M
TOTO Carlyle II, HET  New
TOTO Carolina II, HET  New
TOTO EcoClayton
TOTO EcoDarthmouth
TOTO Drake CST743E
TOTO Drake CST744E
TOTO Neorest 550
TOTO EcoNexus
TOTO EcoPromenade
TOTO EcoSupreme
TOTO Supreme II, HET  New
TOTO EcoUltramax Round
TOTO EcoUltramax Elongated
TOTO EcoUltramax ADA
TOTO EcoWhitney
TOTO EcoGwyneth EL ADA
TOTO EcoGwyneth ADA One-Piece
TOTO Eco Guinevere 
TOTO Eco Soiree
TOTO Vespin II HET  New
Caroma 270
Caroma 305
Gerber Ultraflush Watersense toilets
Love Plumbing & Remodel *note if you have already purchased an HET toilet, you have 90 days from the date of purchase to apply for the rebate