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    Default sewer machine

    I use a Ridgid 750 sewer machine usually to remove roots or other stoppages. I have lost 3 cutting heads in the last 2 weeks by them coming loose. It has the screw that tightens by a 1/4 turn. There's got to be something I'm doing wrong. Any advice?

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    I can't remember if it is the general wire or ridgid that is reverse wound cable, and if you draw the cable back it can spin the attachment off.

    On my spartan it is constantly turning clockwise at all times whether in forward or reverse motion.

    The only way I can lose an attachment is to throw the motor in reverse, which is not only dangerous but last resort tactics.

    Are you trying to pass through roots all at once or are you going in a little, backing out and cleaning the attachment, going back for more?

    I never shoot through roots trying to get past them at one shot; that is how you lose cables along with attachments if a huge root ball comes back and stops you at a ninety or tee.

    Go to ridgid.com's forum and pose that question, might be product failure. :whoknows:
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    That's why we use Spartan cables in our Rigid K7500's.
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    I usually try to take it all in one swipe. That might be my problem.

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    Default snake

    I use a Powersnake with roll pin connectors and have never lost one, and I always make one pass with the largest cutter possible. If you don't make it with the first pass, the second and additional ones are just too messy.


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